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Wednesday 12 January 2011


If anybody is interested in finding a solution to the so called ethnic problem then the problem has to be formulated in a consistent manner without trying to give what may be called piecemeal solutions. For example recently Jehan Perera has talked of appeasing the so called Tamil diaspora. Why should one try to appease a group of Tamils living abroad who are very often not even citizens of Sri Lanka? People such as Jehan Perera tried to appease the LTTE as well thinking probably that we did not understand what he meant by appeasing. Now I am not interested in the Oxford dictionary meaning of the word appeasing, but we knew that it was a synonym for assisting or lending a hand to the terrorists in the context of the Tamil racism used by the NGO boys and higher-ups in the peace movement that included various Christian peace outfits. The LTTE was appeased or given a hand in order to defeat what these Christian as well as Marxist leaders would call the Sinhala Buddhist hegemony in the country. I can assure these boys and of course girls that there is no Sinhala Buddhist hegemony in this country similar to what has been established as Judaic Christian hegemony in the entire world. The Judaic Christian hegemony is there for one to see even with closed eyes, as they say in Sinhala.

The Sri Lankan government was forced by the Judaic Christian hegemony in the form of western governments to appease the LTTE in order to achieve what they called peace. People such as Jehan Perera had been advocating appeasing to achieve peace for thirty years and all that they were able to attain was explosion of bombs. The governments were convinced by western Christian hegemony to engage in peace talks with the LTTE while the western governments were helping the terrorists with funds and sometimes with arms through the NGOs and the Churches of various denominations. We in the Chinthana Parshadaya exposed the Norwegians ages ago and when we organized the first ever demonstration against a western government for helping the LTTE long time ago the TNL reported the event by saying that there were only thirty people at the demonstration! What we said then are now being verified through the Wikileaks and we are happy that there are more than thirty groups, not just individuals, who would demonstrate outside embassies of the western Christian countries, (who said that they are secular) and are prepared to fight against western Christian modernity. These western Christian governments used their diplomatic privileges to transport certain items to Vanniya and the governments of Sri Lanka headed by J R Jayawardhane, Chandrika Kumaratunga willingly helped the west as they represented Judaic Christian culture and engaged Greek Judaic Christian Chinthanaya. Though R Premadasa represented a different culture and a chinthanaya as the leader of the UNP he had to succumb to the western Christian modernity and finally became a victim of terrorism he unwillingly supported. While the governments were having peace talks the terrorists went on killing innocent people mainly Sinhala Buddhists and moving into the Vanni area. The so called peace accord signed by Ranil Wickremesinghe and Prabhakaran only paved the way for the terrorists to “capture” more land. The peace of Jehan Perera and others was nothing but giving more and more power to the LTTE and they had only one aim. That was to destroy the Sinhala Buddhist culture if possible, the way their forefathers had been doing for five hundred years from the time the Portuguese arrived in this country and introduced the Christian culture. They did not love the Tamil Hindu culture but were only using the innocent Tamil Hindus to fight against Sinhala Buddhists and Sinhala Buddhist culture and had they won would have turned their guns against the Tamil Hindus and Tamil Hindu culture in no time.

The best friends that the Tamil Hindus have in this country are the Sinhala Buddhists and it is time that these groups join hands to fight and defeat western Christian modernity and people such as Jehan Perera. One of the lessons that have to be learnt is to ignore the advice given by people such as Jehan Perera. The Christian and Marxist “intellectuals” had failed to achieve what they wanted and no peace would have been achieved by following them. We remember the bankrupt concept of “Buddhism Betrayed” and, of course, its author the Tamil Christian “intellectual” Thambiah, that attempted to dissociate the Buddhists from fighting against the LTTE so that the terrorists could have a field day not only in the fields of Vanniya but also in Colombo. We haven’t heard of Thambiah for a long time and hope he is enjoying his life at Harvard. The west finally introduced the concept of failed state to ridicule the Sri Lankan state and the governments and there was an editor and his imitator editorial staff of a certain weekend Sinhala newspaper who repeatedly referred to the failed state most probably without understanding the reason behind the introduction of that failed concept by the western intellectuals. Almost all these people who wanted to ridicule the Sri Lankan state are either Christians of various denominations or Marxists again of various denominations. Of course, there are Christians who love this country and are prepared to accept that Sinhala Buddhist culture is the significant culture of the country but the same cannot be said of the Marxists. All these people including the editor referred to above, are failed “intellectuals” and there is no reason as to why we should listen to these failed “intellectuals” and appease the so called Tamil diaspora. We replace this biblical word with an appropriate word using Greek as well as Tamil and say diaspoda. (The word diaspora had been used when translating the Hebrew bible to Greek and had referred to the Jews who were dispersed, as the original Greek usage apparently referred to dispersed persons.) Peace was finally achieved in this country not by listening to Thambiah, Jehan Perera or any other failed “intellectual” but by going against their word and defeating the LTTE militarily. They are not proper intellectuals as they have not created a new concept or a theory but have been educated people in the western tradition who know to quote concepts and theories created by the western intellectuals, based on the Greek Judaic Christian Chinthanaya.

The so called ethnic problem is a problem created by western Christian modernity where the westerners used Tamil elite and then ordinary Tamil Hindus against the Sinhala Buddhists and the Sinhala Buddhist culture to destroy if possible the latter. The western Christians do not have anybody in Sri Lanka now to organize against the state, except of course some disgruntled Christian elite, Marxists and Tamil elite who cannot even organize themselves into a single unit. The westerners have been compelled to turn to the Tamil diaspoda living in the west, who have no political power if not for the support given by the western governments with England leading the gang of thugs and there is no reason at all to appease the diaspoda or their mentors. There is only one way to solve the problem. That is to accept that the Sinhala Buddhist culture is the significant culture of the country and to respect the other cultures while defeating the western Christian hegemony. The people inhabiting the country could live in peace, if we identify the common enemy the western Christian hegemony and defeat it. It is definitely not an antagonism between the Sinhala Buddhists and the Tamil Hindus which is a myth propagated by the western Christian intellectuals and politicians only to hide what they have been up to all these years. The moment the Sri Lankan people as a whole accept the significance of Sinhala Buddhists who have built this country over centuries and their culture the so called ethnic problem is solved. The Sinhala Buddhists on their part will respect the other cultures as they have been doing throughout history. (concluded)

Copyright Prof. Nalin De Silva