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Wednesday 20 August 2014

Unite against the west

What is the most important function of a government of any country? The governments whether elected according to western democracy or not have to look after the security of the state and maintain the sovereignty of the nation. The other functions of the governments including providing health, education, employment, food, childcare, and maintaining democracy, freedom of expression, individual rights are all secondary. What is the use of democracy if we can elect only stooges of the west as the Presidents, Prime Ministers etc. It is unfortunate that we are all victims of western education that teach us to maintain the security and sovereignty of the western states at any cost to the non western states. The knowledge that is disseminated at schools, universities and other such institutes are created in the west that maintains its hegemony through other means as well. The western education produces in general a set of people who cannot think outside the western box and even indigenous systems of knowledge have come under the hammer of western concepts. In Sri Lanka we are worse than most other Afro Asian countries as free education has closed the eyes of many people to indigenous systems. We would attempt to interpret Bududahama (Buddhism to use the western word) Vedakama (healing systems) and govikama (so called agriculture) to suit the western concepts and very often adopt western systems that do not suit our conditions. For example our western educated pundits have converted Bududahama to a rationalism and an empiricism that has done away with Samsara as taught in Bududahama as well as Hindu Dharma.

The western states were not built in a day and they have been evolving from the fifteenth century onwards. The individual freedom is emphasized in the western books on political science and other social sciences as against collectivism of Catholic Chinthanaya but is never practiced in the western countries. Individual freedom that includes freedom of expression, human rights etc., was brought to the forefront as against the state that dominated during the European Medieval  period based on Catholic Chinthanaya, but it was easily confined to the text books and  journals published by so called learned societies. The individual rights were used as a weapon to fight the Pope and his agents in Western Europe but the so called elected delegates of people did not care two hoots for those rights once they found themselves in the saddle of power. Today in USA it is clear that individual rights are not cared for as evidenced in the Michael Brown case in Ferguson. The black people given the honorary title of African Americans (the whites in USA are not called European Americans, they are always Americans, and the those inhabited USA before the Europeans came to that country are called aboriginals) never have had individual freedom or even collective freedom for that matter, at least to the extent the European Americans have. The American civil war is supposed to have ended in 1865 according to history books but it is clear that the civil war has not ended. Next year marks 150 years of officially ending the civil war but it looks like it will go on for at least another 150 years unofficially on the streets and in the homes of USA.

The Americans in spite of what they preach the others have had no reconciliation between the blacks and whites 150 years after the civil war and there will be no international commissions to look into the deaths of people such as Michael Brown. The blacks continue to maintain their poverty and any statistics would show that unemployment is high among the blacks. The so called multiculturalism is not practiced in USA but paid lip service at workshops and conferences of so called intellectuals, and the culture of the black people, especially if they are not Christians, is not recognized as the Judaic Christian culture. The Judaic Christian culture is the dominant culture of the USA as well as the other western countries. Obama would not have been elected the President if he did not belong to the western Judaic Christian culture. It is wrong to say that Obama was the first black to be elected as the President of USA as if he was a Muslim he would never have been elected to that post. He was elected because he is a Christian who belongs to the Judaic Christian culture. The blacks in USA are discriminated mainly because they have not absorbed the Judaic Christian culture to the extent that the white European Americans want.  The Judaic Christian culture not satisfied with what they have achieved in the western countries want the rest of the world to be dominated by that culture.

The west propagates the view that their states are separated from religion, and are secular. This is one of the most calculated myths, which is being spread by their intellectuals and their imitators in the Afro Asian countries. The western countries are not only Judaic Christian in culture but their states are associated with one or the other denominations of Christianity/Catholicism. However, their intellectuals and the imitators in Afro Asian countries, especially in Sri Lanka where due to free education we have more than our share of western educated pundits who cannot think, would protest (they can only write to the newspapers published in English, the Sinhala educated masses would simply ignore them) when we claim that Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country, India is a Hindu country or Pakistan is a Muslim country. What they want is to state that we are all secular countries, but we know that secular states are nothing but Christian states in practice. It is only in theory that they are secular. In effect these pundits want us to be Christian states.

The pundits who have had their education in Christian schools and Christian universities argue that there are no completely sovereign states in the world. They claim that sovereignty is limited as states have entered into various agreements with other countries. They also claim that the so called Non Governmental Organizations which are in effect western governmental organizations (WGOs) should have the freedom the individuals enjoy. These WGOs are not innocent associations such as Mahila Samithis (Societies of Ladies) that work on a voluntary basis with money collected from the individual members. The WGOs are very often foreign funded and the governments of the respective countries who have to maintain the sovereignty of the nation and look after the security of the country have the right to control activities of the foreign funded WGOs. The WGOs are weapons created in the sixties by the western countries to propagate western ideology and they are used to destabilize the non western countries. All so called volunteer organizations financed by the foreign countries have to be monitored and they are none other than Fridays serving their masters and mistresses in the west. They work essentially to undermine the sovereignty of the non western countries and would do whatever they can do topple governments not to the liking of the western countries, especially USA and England and its colonies Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. The Fridays who know only to serve the masters would make statements on the freedom of WGOs to topple the governments that they and the WGOs do not like with assistance from west and establish meekly governments that serve the west. The individual rights as against the state in non western countries are used to undermine the sovereignty of those nations.

Sovereignty cannot be graded and USA or England should not have more sovereignty than the Afro Asian countries. When Cameron comes to Sri Lanka he thinks that he is the governor of the country and we all know how he behaved during the CHOGM. The Fridays might approve what he did during his visit to Sri Lanka but the majority of the people wanted to teach him a good lesson. Could Mahinda Rajapakse go to Scotland and canvas against England? England, a country that could not provide security to Mahinda Rajapakse the present chairman of the CHOGM to go to Commonwealth games would not allow that even in their dreams. It is clear that in spite of various international agreements England has more sovereignty than Sri Lanka. The same is with USA. Can Sri Lanka ask for a truth and reconciliation commission in USA? In Sri Lanka Tamils are not killed by the security forces the way Michael Browns are killed in “peace” time, but USA and England have the power emanating from colonialism to appoint Navi Pillai and other committees to investigate what is supposed to have happened during the last week of the humanitarian operation. This is colonialism and graded sovereignty approved by Fridays who have had western education free or otherwise and it is time that the non western countries united to defeat western colonialism forever.

Nalin De Silva