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Tuesday 19 July 2011

Akasa shakthi as the source of energy that accelerates the universe

"Since Perlmutter and others (1997) & (1998) observed that the universe expand with an acceleration, many models have been proposed to explain the acceleration. In this paper we present a cosmological model of the universe with both acceleration and deceleration, based on energy due to space –time. This is only one model but many more models can be constructed, and a suitable model could be chosen after comparing the properties of the models with observations. It should be mentioned that we have not solved the equations we have obtained after rewriting and reinterpreting Einstein’s Field Equations, but have only presented a solution that satisfies the rewritten field equations. All that we are interested at present is to give a different interpretation to the so called cosmological constant and to introduce the concept of space- time energy, after rewriting Einstein’s .field equations. The space – time energy is also identified as the so called dark energy, though there is nothing dark about it.

Western Physics is based on Apo, Thejo Vaya and Patavi. They do not consider Akasa as such. Their vacuum energy is not really energy due to space but arises out of birth and decay of particles.. In this paper we introduce Akasa Shakthi or Space – Time Energy that interacts with the other four Bhuthas."