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Sunday 5 August 2012

God Particle and God like properties

It appears that some readers including Bodhi Dhanapala have misunderstood the objective of my letter to the Editor on who or what gave mass to the God particle. At the outset it has to be said that in my letter to the Editor I had mistakenly referred to the Higgs Boson as God’ particle when it should have been referred to as the God particle. I was not interested in finding out who gave the name God particle to it.

As the title very clearly indicated I wanted the readers to ponder on the question how the Higgs Boson got its mass. The Higgs Boson gives the other Bosons their masses when those particles interact with the so-called Higgs Field, which is supposed to be everywhere. Thus, the Higgs Boson plays God in this case as far as the mass is concerned. It is omnipresent and gives mass to other Bosons and has a mass without appealing to any other particle.

In fact this is what I had to say in my said letter to the editor. "It is no wonder that the particle has been christened the God’s particle as in the Judaic Christian culture who else would have given it a mass.Is God, the God Father of the Higgs Boson?

Western science with a beginning or a creation (though supposed to be without a creator) cannot but invoke the God or the equivalent of the God, as linear thinking and not circular thinking is fundamental to it. Western science is created (not discovered) in the Judaic Christian culture and has to play God at sometime or the other."

Not only the God particle but the entire western corpus of knowledge is created in what I call the Greek Judaic Christian Chinthanaya which is a linear Chinthanaya and a first cause is a must in such linear Chinthanyas. One finds these first causes in the axioms and undefined elements of western Mathematics. The point in Euclidean Geometry, for example, is not defined, though the other concepts are defined in terms of points in the final analysis. The point in Euclidean Geometry also has God properties though the westerners and their imitators in the other parts of the world (including those who have migrated to the west ) may have not realised it. In the case of the God particle at least some journalists appear to have understood this in their "subconscious".

Nalin De Silva