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Friday 14 March 2014

Extradite Adele before the investigation

What is happening in Geneva? Of course the answer depends basically on which side of the fence one is but it so happens that the fence has many sides or rather there are many fences so to speak of. It appears that the fake international, meaning the western powers, has changed from an “international” investigation into so called violation of human rights to an internal investigation. The question is what they want to investigate, and what the western powers expect from such an investigation. The west would most probably say that an investigation should be held in order to find out violations of human rights in the last two weeks of the humanitarian operations. In order to pretend that they are impartial they could even say violation of human rights by all parties, which finally may reduce to the Sri Lankan armed forces and LTTE the terrorist organisation.

Why should the western powers be interested in such an investigation? Is it punish the offenders? Who are the offenders? Do not the western powers already decided on whom should be punished? Is it a punishment for defeating the LTTE in the guise of reprimanding the so called violators of human rights?   All these violations of human rights began with the white flag story by Sarath Fonseka who first came out with the story after coming back from a visit to USA, where he was to be indicted in a judicial court of law in a state. Nothing was heard of the indictment after Sarath Fonseka came back to Sri Lanka but only of violations of human rights by the Sri Lankan armed forces. Have the authorities in USA withdrawn the case against Sarath Fonseka? Could anybody in the “knowhow” enlighten the others on this matter?

Let us assume that the “investigation” is confined to the last two weeks of the humanitarian operations, though any investigation should extend over a period of nearly two hundred years from the date the English governor appointed one each to represent the Sinhalas and the Tamils thus beginning the process of making a minority the majority by constitutional means. It is true that the LTTE took up arms in the early seventies if not in the late sixties, but there were Prabhakaran’s great uncles, uncles and cousins who proceeded him making the Tamil minority the majority in the country, as described in “Prabhakaran ohuge seeyala, baappala ha massinala” (translated into English as “An analysis of Tamil racism in Sri Lanka”). There would not have been a Prabhakaran if not for Ramanathan, Arunachalam, Ponnambalam and other Tamil leaders, and of course the English governors, Manning playing a big role in his days.

Even if the west is interested only in the last two weeks of the humanitarian operations one cannot ignore the tacit support given by the west to the LTTE. Though LTTE may be banned in some of the countries their front organisations still continue to function in at least a few of the western countries. It was only the other day the LTTE flag was displaced in a demonstration held in Toronto, with the Canadian authorities turning a blind eye. It is not because of the Tamil vote in the suburbs of Toronto that Canada behaves this way, and if not for the westerners using dispersed Tamils to achieve their ends there would not have been a Tamil problem in Sri Lanka by now.

It is wrong to confine the investigation to the LTTE and the Sri Lankan armed forces as without eliminating the root causes the problem would not cease. The westerners made a big hue and cry over the child soldiers, sometimes sending so called international representatives to investigate the matter. They were all fake investigations and if the LTTE was not defeated the child soldier problem would have continued to date. The most abominable fact in this regard is that the “godmother” of the child soldiers continue to live in England in the form of Adel Balasingham. English may argue that the “lady” has not violated any law in England, as she was not instrumental in giving presents of cyanide necklaces to the English girls, but what about that oft quoted violence against humanity. It may be that by distributing cyanide necklaces to the Tamil lasses in Sri Lanka Balasingham was doing a service to humanity by carrying out the English objective of reducing the Sinhala people to a minority in Sri Lanka, and weakening the Sinhala Buddhist culture if not destroying it. There is no objective violence against humanity, as humanity itself is defined by the western “intellectuals”.

Even if the Sri Lankan government decides (I hope it would not) to have an “internal investigation” it should demand that the western countries extradite “ladies” such as Adele Balasingham and the other “gentlemen” active among the dispersed Tamils in the west in various organisations. As long as England does not handover Adele Balasingham and some others who have helped terrorism in Sri Lanka we have to consider England also as a defendant, even if we are not investigating the whole history of two hundred years of the problem.

It is ironical that a would be defendant should ask the Sri Lankan government to hold an “investigation” without it being issued with a charge sheet. In Sri Lanka violence against humanity has not only been committed by England, but is being committed by that country to date. If the Sri Lankan government wants to have an investigation it should be a proper one with all those who have helped the LTTE in one way or the other being indicted. In this regard it is not only the western countries that come to one’s mind, but India that trained the LTTE terrorists. The essential point here is that Prabhakaran was not a Brahman (Advaitha or otherwise) who created himself but was created by others. Those who created Prabhakaran should also be investigated as if not for them there would not have been the last two weeks of the humanitarian operations that the west is fond of “commemorating”. 

Then of course, there are politicians in Sri Lanka who have helped the LTTE. Not so young Sajith Premadasa would remember how his father supplied arms to the LTTE, and instructed those unfortunate policemen to surrender to the LTTE. Are we to exonerate the older Premadasa, though he is not alive? Then the past Presidents and others who did not want to end terrorism and thus paved the way for the last two weeks of the operations should be brought into the books. We cannot forget Ranil Wickremesinghe who is prepared to go to the guillotine, and of course he could not have forgotten that he signed the ceasefire agreement, though he was not the President of the country thus violating the constitution, that led to the final two weeks of the humanitarian operations.

I am not including in this list of defendants people such as Ravi Karunanayake and Lakshman Kirielle who by their statements attempted to ridicule the armed forces thus giving moral support for the LTTE. I am only concerned with those who are directly responsible for the last two weeks of the operations. There may be others who should be named as defendants, including all those “enlightened” people in the academia and the NGOs who proclaimed that the LTTE cannot be defeated and the only option available for the government was to engage in negotiations. Unlike in the case of allegations by the Bishops and the Channel 4 people who do not have an iota of evidence, except to claim that there are eyewitnesses, there is evidence to substantiate the charges mentioned above and the defendants could be provided with a charge sheet and a list of corroborative evidence. 

Nalin De Silva