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Friday 21 March 2014

Institute a Presidential Commission to investigate anti national activities

The USA is concerned over the arrest of some so called human rights activists in Sri Lanka. Apparently Ruki Fernando and Father Praveen had been arrested under the existing law of the country, (it is reported that they have been produced before a magistrate and released on bail) and does the USA want the government of Sri Lanka to act outside the law of the country or not to take any action when some people are trying to resort to terrorism again under the auspices of the western countries? They together with Balendran Jeyakumari had been arrested in connection with a shooting incident involving one Gobi, a terrorist who has come to Sri Lanka to reorganise the LTTE with western money. There can be organisations for example with names such as Peace Loving Institute but promoting terrorism contrary to what the name indicates. We know how the Peace Vendors worked during the time when Prabhakaran was kicking hard not only against the state but the Sinhala Buddhist people and their culture in general. It is also interesting to note that the members of the Peace Loving Institutes have been very often Marxists, ex Marxists, Postmodernists, Liberals, Christians and Catholics including clergy. The percentage of Buddhists in these organisations is very much less than that of Buddhists in the country. We will never forget the statement by the Bishop Kenneth Fernando to the effect that Prabhakaran was a humane person. For a Bishop to call a person who was responsible for killing Bhikkus at Arantalawa, pilgrims in the vicinity of the Sri Maha Bodhi and Dalada Maligawa bombing the sacred place, in Sri Lanka needed not much courage as he knew he had the support of the English (Anglo Saxon Anglican) establishment in the world emanating from Westminster and No 10, Downing Street.

It would have been interesting to imagine what would have happened if the Chief Incumbent of the London Buddhist Vihare called a terrorist leader in England or one of its colonies such as Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, a humane person, after the particular terrorist organisation bombing the Westminster Abbey and killing some Anglican Bishops and Priests and of course some Anglican Christians in England if there were any of them remaining in the country. In Sri Lanka anybody can say anything against the Sinhala Buddhists and their culture as the latter do not have the military strength or the supremacy of knowledge to defeat the hegemony of western knowledge, culture and colonialism as yet. Though Sri Lanka may not be able to, and should not strive to become a military power, we should create our own knowledge through various means including producing our own theories based on our Chinthanaya and also through developing spiritual powers.

The Tamil problem continues to supply arms to the so called peace lovers and there are so many LTTE terrorists around us, especially in the Jaffna District. It is one of the reasons that the army has to be kept in Jaffna, and until the problem is eradicated, any demands to withdraw the armed forces from the northern province have to be discarded with the contempt that they deserve. It is too early to come to conclusions on the shooting of an IP on the 13th of March and who were with the terrorist, and whether the latter was supported by the peace lovers. It is within the law for the security forces to take into custody any suspect, whether he or she is a priest or a layperson and investigate. Does the USA want the security forces in Sri Lanka to turn a blind eye to the shooting incident on the guarantees given by the USA that the suspects are peace lovers? They may be peace lovers but the experience of the Sri Lankans with respect to the peace lovers during the last thirty years or so is not very peaceful and no country whether USA or UK or anybody else should interfere with the national security of the country. Ananthi to whom Geneva seems to be second home, could misrepresent facts, and the western countries would make use of statements by her, most probably prepared by the western countries themselves, but knowing the west and the Tamil racists the government has to take extra precautions to safeguard the sovereignty of the country.   

There may be different interpretations on the origin of the Tamil problem in the country. Whatever the interpretation may be one cannot avoid the conclusion that Prabhakaran was the culmination of the entire process and he took up arms, incidentally he was not the first person to do so as terrorists such as Uma Maheswaran, a Mraxist, preceded him, to carry out the struggle initiated by the Tamil leaders of the yesteryears. The Tamils may claim that they were discriminated by the Sinhalas over the years, by the Sinhala people and their governments but even today it is the Sinhala people who are discriminated in this country. I knew how the Sinhalas, Sinhala Literary associations were discriminated at elite government schools even after 1956, and in the University not only at the entrance examination but even after that. The law college entrance examination continues to create problems for the Sinhala students.      

Let us assume that the Tamils had problems other than in filling tax return forms as Kumar Ponnambalam could only claim but then Prabhakaran with the support of the TNA who were proxy to the terrorists fought to win what they thought was a just solution. The peace lovers in the name of peace wanted to negotiate with the humane terrorists (a terrorist with a human face!) and give what the terrorists wanted. The peace lovers even imported Chandrika Kumaratunga to form a government, misleading the Sinhala voters, but the Sinhala people though voted for Chandrika did not allow her to give what the Tamil racists and the peace lovers wanted. It was left to Ranil Wickremesinghe, who was not the President of the country to go outside the constitution and sign a ceasefire agreement. The peace lovers were interested in peace at any cost to the Sinhalas but the Sinhala people were not to be fooled by the peace talks of the former. The “war” continued and finally Mahinda Rajapakse standing up to the pressure of the Judaic Christian west was able to give political leadership to the armed forces to defeat the terrorists and the Tamil racist movement.

When a “war” is lost, the losers cannot claim that the stakeholders should go back to square one and start the whole process again. This is what is happening in Sri Lanka now with the Tamil leaders insisting that in the name of reconciliation the Tamils should be given all that they fought for. This has become possible for the reason that it is the west that created, nurtured and maintained the problem, and the Tamil problem from the very inception has been manipulated by the west. If the problem was confined to Sri Lanka it would have ended with the defeat of the LTTE in Nandikadal.  Even in South Africa this sort of thing did not happen. There the minority who was ruling the majority, not very much different from the situation in Sri Lanka, was not defeated formally, and before that could have happened a deal was made where the majority ruled the country only in name, in a process that came to be known as reconciliation. In Sri Lanka the Tamil terrorists representing the “struggle” whether it is of hundred and fifty years or fifty years were defeated formally at “war”, and with that ‘struggle” should have ended. The Sinhala are not war mongers that the west wants to tell the world and “reconciliation” in whatever form is not something that the Sinhalas had to learn from the Judaic Christian west. When Elara was defeated by Gemunu, the latter (Elara was not a Chola, though the Mahavamsa tells us so. It should be noted that if not for Mahavamsa there is no way for the Tamils to “show” that they had been even present, let alone as residents in this country) paid due respect to the former. When Mahasen declared “war” on Mahavihara and the Theravada establishment, there was a discussion between him and his “senevi” (I do not want to use the word minister with its various connotations) Meghawarna and there was “reconciliation”. 

The Sinhalas will do everything possible to protect and develop the Tamil Hindu culture in Sri Lanka unlike the Judaic Christian west that only pays lip service to the other cultures but it is the western countries that do not allow the Sinhalas to embark on a form of “reconciliation” indigenous to this country. The west uses the dispersed Tamils, Anandi faction of the TNA and of course the peace lovers to go back to square one and start the whole process again. The Sinhalas do not want another “war” not because they are incapable of winning it but because of the destruction it leads to in various spheres. However, if “war” is what the west wants the Sri Lankan armed forces are prepared for that as well.

It is clear that people with vested interests who do not want Sri Lanka to survive are hell bent on promoting Tamil racism, and in this connection the President should institute a commission to investigate the anti national activities present and past of peace lovers and the Tamil racists including the LTTE leaders dead or alive here or abroad and their proxies, and various godfathers and godmothers of Tamil racism, the protectors of them in western countries and India, especially in Tamil Nadu, with powers to punish the guilty. The commission should also be empowered to probe into the financers, sponsors etc., of the peace lovers and the Tamil racists, as it is clear that the latter cannot survive on their own.

Nalin De Silva