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Friday 18 April 2014

Canada Gopi and Sivajilingam

It is reported that Sivajilingam, a TNA member in the Northern Province Provincial Council has claimed that there will be more youth such as Gopi if the national problem is not solved. This is soon after the youth in places in the Northern Province and the Eastern Province, for example Jaffna, Kilinochchi and Batticaloa celebrated the victory of the Sri Lanka cricket team in Dacca. It is also reported the TNA members in the Parliament were absent when the Parliament welcomed the members of the Sri Lankan cricket team.  In the meantime Canada has withdrawn its contribution towards maintaining the secretariat of the Commonwealth, against Sri Lanka being elected as the chair of the Commonwealth in Colombo last year.

As any person familiar with Tamil politics in the last few decades would know the above events are not isolated but connected, though they may appear to be contradictory. Canada has insulted not Sri Lanka but the whole of the Commonwealth for Sri Lanka was elected as the chair by the other members of the Commonwealth and was not something imposed by the President of Sri Lanka. It is true that England the colonial country that rules over Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland directly and most of the other countries indirectly through various means including the hegemony of their knowledge was against Sri Lanka being elected to the chair, and tried to influence other countries against the decision to elect Sri Lanka, but for tactical reasons has refrained from taking drastic actions together with Canada.

What is clear is that countries such as Canada and England are not prepared to accept the decision of the Commonwealth that includes Australia but England with a history of tactful diplomacy while encouraging Canada to withdraw its contribution will not do the same. Canada with a history of about two hundred years goes against the wish of the other Commonwealth countries and behaves like the Indian cricket fans who stoned the houses of some members of the Indian cricket team after the defeat in the T – 20 finals in Decca. Canada is not used to taking defeat at international conferences and in that respect it is not different from the giant neighbour USA. If USA was in the Commonwealth it would have acted the same way as Canada and we could have seen the countries behind the Tamil problem getting together again to achieve what they want.

There are some educated people who think that Canada behaves in this manner in order to attract the votes of the Tamils of Sri Lankan origin living in that country. However, I am not prepared to buy that story as the Tamils of Sri Lankan origin living in Toronto are not in a position to change the outcome of Parliamentary elections in Canada. It is countries such as England and Canada who use the dispersed Tamils in those countries against Sri Lanka in order to establish a separate state for Tamils whom they expect to serve the colonial masters as servile “dasas”. It is reported that a conference of Eelam organisations would be held in London even after sixteen front organisations of the LTTE have been banned by Sri Lanka. England knows how to waive rules unlike Canada and USA and would resort to “legally accepted” ways and means to achieve her objectives.

The TNA has to learn a lot from England and not from Canada. However, it follows new countries such as USA and Canada, may be because they are interested in establishing a new country. The members of the TNA decided to be away when the Sri Lankan Parliament welcomed the Sri Lankan cricket team and thus they showed that they are not with the ordinary Tamils living in this country, but with the dispersed Tamils living in England, Canada and USA, who are being used by the Anglo Atlantic Association Against Sri Lanka (AAAASL) comprising England, USA and Canada.             

It is clear that the educated Vellalas of yesteryear and the dispersed Tamils today are working on the same wavelength as dictated by England and of course the AAAASL. They are active in politics but not politics of their own. The dispersed Tamils may include non Vellalas as well, thanks to the free education that prevails in Sri Lanka since the forties but education wise the dispersed Tamils are not different from the Vellalas. It is ironical that the  dispersed Tamils have been educated at the expense of mainly the Sinhala people who constitute the main segment of the (indirect) tax payers in the country. If not for the free education and the Sinhala tax payers there would not have been a community of dispersed Tamils in the Anglo Atlantic Association (AAA) and AAAASL would have been ineffective.

The only politics that the Vellalas and the dispersed Tamils know is politics against the Sinhala people supporting the masters in AAA. They have never been engaged in any anti colonial struggle against the English since 1798 when North set foot in the country as the agent of the English traders and later in 1802 as the agent of the English King. When dispersed Tamils led by Christians among them want politics for Tamils it is this anti Sinhala but pro AAA politics they think of, and not of the politics of ordinary Tamils living in Jaffna Kilinochchi or Batticaloa who cheer the Sri Lankan cricket team.

There is no Tamil problem in Sri Lanka except for the anti Sinhala politics of the Vellalas and the dispersed Tamils who have come through the same education mill despite their caste differences and with the defeat of Prabhakaran who was the agent of this politics in the latter stages in Nandikadal almost five years ago. However, it did not happen as the AAA continues to use the dispersed Tamils, the TNA, NGOs and of course the pundits among the Sinhalas who claim that they have an open mind. The pundits have acquired this open mind through the education that they have received which is supposed to be rational, scientific, objective etc., but in essence is created by the western Christian hegemony.

There would not have been Gopis if not for the AAA and despite the claim by Sivajilingam there is no national question to be solved. The very concept of a national question has been created by the western Christian hegemony in order to destabilise countries such as Sri Lanka. It is clear that the AAA and the rest of the west under the instruction  by the former are pumping money directly and indirectly to resurrect the LTTE or shall we say to establish a post conflict neo LTTE adopting the language of the western Christian hegemony and the government would have to be extra vigilant in order to safeguard the sovereignty of the nation.

Those pundits and others who think of the human rights of Gopi and others to organise against the Sinhala people have to be reminded that the grandparents of Gopis were inactive when the Sinhalas were fighting against the English colonials. It is also clear why the AAA is hell bent on asking the Sri Lankan government to withdraw the armed forces from the Northern Province as they want their agents like Gopi to have a free hand in organizing the neo LTTE against the Sinhala people and the government. If Sivajilingam is really interested in peace he should abandon his pro AAA and anti Sinhala politics and initiate a movement within the Christian dominated TNA, Sampanthan and Vigneswaran being mere ceremonial heads, to join the Sinhala people in their fight against the AAA dominated west. Sivajilingam should find enough support for such movement among the ordinary Tamils who cheered the Sri Lankan cricket team most probably against the wish of the American Ambassador and the High Commissioner for England who goes as the High Commissioner for Britain.  

Nalin De Silva