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Saturday 26 November 2011

Norway is not alone

Norway has issued a report before the LLRC and what is clear is that the Scandinavian country tries to hide the involvement of UK, USA and other European countries in the so called peace process. Norwegians could have waited for the LLRC report as they have not gained anything special by trying to beat the latter. The involvement of Norway is clear and what they want to hide is their attempt to establish an Eelam in the Northern and Eastern Provinces of the country. The so called confederation that the Norwegians were after was nothing but two states and we are reminded of the Apex bodies that had been proposed in the course of “peace discussions”.

We had Solheim who thought that Sri Lanka was his kitchen and used to visit the country too often. However, the million Krone question is why Norway decided to get involved in the Sri Lankan “peace process”. There were some who thought that Norway was interested in our oil but we always felt that Norway was only a puppet that had some experience in dividing countries, and UK and USA were making use of Norway’s ability in “unmaking nations” to use a terminology in vogue during the hay days of “peace activities”. It is UK more than any other country that is interested in establishing an Eelam due to historical reasons. Though Netherlands (Holland) was instrumental in bringing the Vellalas from present South India and colonizing the Jaffna Peninsula (Nagadipa) without consulting the Sinhala King or the people, it was the English who capitalized on the Vellala people and used them against the Sinhala people in a very systemic and subtle way.

English never gave up and in fact they will never give up with or without Norway humiliating the Sinhalas especially the Sinhala Buddhists and it is very likely that the Norwegians decided to issue the report at this juncture at the insistence of English who probably wants to humiliate the LLRC as well. USA is supporting its former colonial master though the big power has nothing much to gain by establishing an Eelam. The Superpower does not need to establish another country in order to do their business (exploitation), and the pundits would be groping in the dark without learning any lessons on the way the colonial powers work towards the betterment of their cultures and races.

It is also clear that UK, USA and the European Union countries had wanted to occupy the back seat before May 2009, pushing Norway to the “war front”. Even the “surrender” of Natesan and several big shots among the terrorists had been attempted, of course, with ulterior motives. We do not know what happened on the nineteenth of May but whether they came with white flags or not it is a good decision to shoot these terrorists as had they been released they would have immediately acted in collaboration with the western powers to pressurize the government to allow Prabhakaran to get away and settle down in a country of Europe or America. We cannot forget the role played by USA pretending to be a neutral country. All countries other than probably Japan in the so called peace process were keen in helping the Northern and Eastern parts of Sri Lanka to secede and establish an Eelam.

UK (England) and USA have used Norwegians to bully Sri Lanka and so called aid had been promised only if the Government of Sri Lanka were willing to agree to conditions laid down by the LTTE. The terrorists were only marking time but towards the end time was running faster than the western powers and the latter could not do much to rescue Prabhakaran. Since the death of the terrorist leader, Norway has no role to play and UK has now openly taken over the leadership of the anti Sinhala crusade. They will never learn any lessons for the reason that they think that that there is nobody in the world to teach them lessons and they have not given up their domination in world affairs.

It is English who still support the so called Tamil Diaspora, the INGOs, NGOs and others operating in Sri Lanka and also the TNA. It is true that TNA was the proxy party of the LTTE in the Parliament, but it is historically the cat paw of the English. The Vellala leaders of the TNA are the heirs to Ponnambalam Ramanathan, Ponnambalam Arunachalam, G. G. Ponnambalam, S. J. V. Chelvanayakam and Amirathalingam, who were used by the English against the Sinhala people and their leaders appointed by the English in the UNP.

It is unfortunate that the TNA supported by the western powers who give them interviews at the drop of a hat are going round the mulberry bush over and over again. They have objected to various schemes that the government has initiated to uplift the well being of the Tamils and still think in terms of Tamil areas and Thimpu conditions which the armed forces defeated once and for all on the 19th of May 2009. It was a political decision as all military decisions whether humanitarian or not are political decisions. The TNA with the help of the western powers lead by England want the government to enter into talks with them to discuss issues that have been solved by the armed forces. The victory of the armed forces discards al the pacts between the government and the ITKA (Illankai Thamil Arasu Kadchchi – Lanka Tamil State Party established by Chelvanayakam) and also the Indo Lanka Pact and the thirteenth amendment. Why should the government after the military win enter into discussions with the TNA? As a former student of mine reminded would the LTTE enter into any discussions with the government had they won their armed terrorist struggle against the Sinhala people and the government. The LTTE would have established an Eelam with the support of England and the other western powers, and the government would have been left in the abyss. The leaders of the TNA would have joined the government of Prabhakaran and would not have agitated for any talks between the LTTE and the government.

It is no secret that the new Libyan government is not interested in talks with the supporters of Gadafi and no western power has stepped into initiate such discussions. Why should history take a different path when the LTTE that was inspired, financed and in general supported by Norway and the other western powers lead by England lost at their own game. The TNA should remember that the Vellalas and other Tamils are the products of state colonization by the Dutch and the English in the Northern and Eastern Provinces after 1650, and also in the upcountry and that the problems of the Sinhala people due to this state colonization by the colonialists are yet to be solved.

Copyright Prof. Nalin De Silva