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Wednesday 21 December 2011

Foreign Interferences

Foreign interference is not new to this country and during the past five hundred years or so after the western Christian colonialism was introduced to this country the Kings and later the Prime Ministers and Presidents have come under pressure from these invaders. After the entire country was captured by the English violating a treaty with the Sinhala leaders who were not in the game of making treaties to deceive the other party the entire country came under the direct rule of the colonial office. The English were the supreme power until the so called the second world war (it is not necessary that a “real” second world war had taken place in order to refer to the so called second world war. I can also refer to a so called God, whether a “real” God exists or not) after which the “mantle” of suppressing the non western countries had been passed over to the not so sophisticated Americans. The so called Tamil ethnic problem (there is no Tamil ethnic problem as such but only an emotion first among the Vellala leaders that has been installed in their minds by the sophisticated English) was created by the English after the Vellalas had been brought to this country by the Dutch in the seventeenth century and since the nineteenth century the English have used this so called problem to exert pressure on the Sinhala people.

The western countries with their knowledge dominating the whole world very often create concepts in order to suppress the others especially the cultures of the others. It does not mean that they do not exert political and economic pressure on the other nations but the cultural aspect has to be highlighted as it is very often neglected or not even considered by the intellectuals of the western Christian colonial countries. I find that a discussion on Academic Freedom in the Universities has been initiated but the participants at this dialogue always forget that we do not have the freedom to teach so called myths in our culture which is very often nothing but knowledge created by our intellectuals, not the intellectual types one finds at the universities, to our students officially. This knowledge that has been created by our intellectuals has been branded as myths by the western intellectuals using of course their concepts and theories and our intellectual types are happy to treat the same as myths imitating their masters and mistresses in the west. I know from experience the difficulties one comes across when one attempts to teach our knowledge even unofficially to our students. While at the University of Colombo when I attempted to teach our knowledge there was opposition from all quarters and the then esteemed Vice Chancellor of the University asked me why I was teaching Jathika Chinthanaya to the students. My reply was that if the others could teach Vijathika Chinthanaya why I should be barred from teaching Jathika Chinthanaya. Then the Vice Chancellor had the impudence to ask me whether I wanted to continue as a lecturer. I knew my days were numbered at the University and I was unceremoniously kicked out of the University after framing bogus charges which were not proved in the courts of law.

Then recently I was almost sacked from the University of Kelaniya over the reference to Natha Deviyan in respect of Rajarata Chronic Kidney Disease.(RCKD) One Professorial lady who is in charge of Ayurvedic and Indigenous Medicine was especially active in this regard and she conspired with others with the connivance of the Minister of Higher education to displace me as the Dean of the Faculty of (western) Science, probably as a first step. She with the others, especially a genius who has managed to obtain third class degrees in Engineering as well as in Sociology, was involved in driving the council of the Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science to issue a statement against me which I replied in the process. Incidentally I was there on Monday at the inaugural ceremony of the 67th Annual Sessions of the Association, in order to remind those who were instrumental in issuing the statement that both Natha (Deviyan) and Nalin (de Silva) are still alive and kicking. However, I understand that the Faculty of Graduate studies at the University of Sri Jayawardhanepura, in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine of the same University is organizing a seminar on RCKD on the 12th of this month at some place in Boralasgamuwa for an invited group of people. There is no harm in organizing seminars by Faculties of Graduate Studies but I find that none of the speakers are from what I may call the camp of Natha Deviyan. (I know that Natha Deviyan would not like the term camp of the Deviyan but I have to use terms which are familiar to human beings and not to Gods).This is nothing but cracking pots in an uninhabited house (palu gei valang bindeema), and I am not sure whether the Vice Chancellor of the University who is a national minded person is aware of the activities of two of the faculties. It may be that the husband of the Professorial lady who connived with the Minster of Higher Education do displace me as the Dean, is involved with this seminar. However, I know that many of the western doctors are treated for their various illnesses by the Vipassaka Deviayan who is much more knowledgeable than all the western doctors in the world, and the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate studies should have taken steps to invite a few of these doctors whose names I would divulge to the good lady if she is prepared to invite them.

I mention these facts in order to remind the readers how foreign influence, some times unknowingly takes place at Universities and other places as a result of western Christian colonialism. The two ladies and the husband of one f them I have mentioned above may not know that they are acting as agents of western Christian colonialism but that is not an excuse for them to engage in anti nationalistic activities. It is mainly a cultural aggression and the recent outburst by the Cardinal is nothing but a continuation of five hundred year programme against the culture of this country. The National Child Protection Authority (NCPA) has the right to investigate activities at Prem Nivasa or any other nivasa whether it is connected to any religious institution or not. The police has atken into custody one of the sisters of the Prem Nivasa and it is up to the legal system, after all not a Sinhala legal system but a system introduced by the Dutch and functioned under the English as well to come to a decision on this. Apparently the Cardinal knowing that the matter is subjudice had kept quiet but apparently has been influenced by the foreign sources to make a statement. The statement is an indirect threat to the government as it says unless action is taken to correct probably the procedure adopted by the NCPA and the police the Cardinal would not take part in state functions until Christmas. It is not clear why the Cardinal has said until Christmas unless he wants it to be “corrected” before Christmas. It is not proper for the Cardinal to interfere with action taken by the government officers and the police especially when the matter is subjudice. It is clear that the foreign sources who have made the Cardinal to issue a statement has no respect for their own legal system imposed on our countries by force.

Copyright Prof. Nalin De Silva