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Wednesday 6 November 2013

Cameron and Manmohan Singh

CHOGM is at the doorstep and nobody can prevent it being held in Sri Lanka. The Commonwealth is an unsuccessful attempt by England to keep its empire on which the Sun did not want to set as the latter did not have any faith in the “mother country”. England at present is left with three colonies namely Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. However, it and the white commonwealth countries continue to be benefitted by the commonwealth throwing crumbs like scholarships, fellowships, technological equipments etc., at the non white countries, and training imitators in those countries who accept the domination exerted by western knowledge. England still wants to politically dictate terms to the other countries and its Prime Minister thinks he is still living in the times of Elizabeth I or Victoria and not of Elizabeth II. Cameron who thinks no end of himself is reported to have told Suki, the agent of the west in Myanmar that he intends to talk tough to the President Mahinda Rajapakse.

Cameron should know that if not for the cheating diplomacy of his countrymen such as Cambridge educated Doyle Sri Lanka would not have become a colony of England as the English were not in a position to defeat the Sinhala at war. If he thinks that he can intimidate the President from Mademulana, who fortunately did not have an education at an English University by tough talk he is clearly mistaken. If Cameron wants he can go to Jaffna but he would not be allowed to talk changes to the constitution interfering with our sovereignty by the Defense Secretary.

The English educated elite in Sri Lanka may find it difficult to lose a scholarship or a fellowship offered by England, but to the general public in Sri Lanka Mahinda Mahattaya is more important than a few Sterling Pounds. It is well known though not spoken publicly all opposition to CHOGM being held in Sri Lanka arise from the defeat of the LTTE terrorists by the Sri Lankan armed forces under the political leadership of the President and the direction of the Defense Secretary. All the talk on so called violation of human rights by England including the so called fourth estate there with cooked up video footage etc., are aimed at taking the two Rajapakse brothers to the guillotine accusing them of war crimes. The LTTE that was supported by England through Norway and other European Countries against the Sinhala people as well as the Tamils is no more except for the so called diaspora (the dispersed Tamils) maintained mainly by England and Canada. It is not surprising to find these two countries apart from the Indian state Tamil Nadu being the only opponents of CHOGM being held in Sri Lanka. Their revenge is endless and they have already said that they would withdraw their contribution to the maintenance of the Commonwealth activities probably through the secretariat, in the next two years. It is nothing but an intimidation but the President Mahinda Rajapakse will overcome these obstacles and I hope the commonwealth secretariat would be given a loan by China of all the countries to keep him as the Chairperson of the Commonwealth for the next two years. England who supplied opium to China may not like it but if USA can be maintained with loans from China there cannot be any objection to the Chairperson of the Commonwealth negotiating loans from China. After all both the BMICH and Nelumpokuna where most of the activities of the CHOGM will be held were built with Chinese aid. If Cameron does not like the idea he can keep away like his Canadian counterpart, but the majority of Sri Lankans would not feel his absence.

I am not an admirer of the Commonwealth but I am glad that the CHOGM is being held in Sri Lanka as we have been able to overcome all the opposition from Cameron and his gang. The holding of the CHOGM in Sri Lanka is a victory of the Sinhalas, the Sri Lankans and above all a victory of Mahinda Rajapakse. Doyle’s era is over and Oxbridge is not looked up to and Camerons are not in a position to bully Rajapakses. If Cameron is genuine he should take steps to disperse the dispersed Tamils in England and its colonies and let the Sri Lankans manage their own affairs without interfering either directly or indirectly through countries such as Norway, and the dispersed Tamils in England and Canada.

It is bad logic and strategy to say that in order to give so called self determination to the Tamils in Sri Lanka, self determination of the Sinhalas and Sri Lankans in general should be curtailed. Perhaps Cameron can go back to a grammar school to learn elementary logic. If Cameron talks tough I am sure that Rajapkse would talk tougher. We have nothing to lose except for a few scholarships and fellowships which produce a few imitators who boast of themselves as the best east of Suez. Even as a schoolboy I used to wonder why only east of Suez. The Sri Lankan government should not appoint a committee nor allow anybody else to come to Sri Lanka to investigate into the so called human rights violation during the last week of the humanitarian operations. If a committee is to be appointed it should be to investigate into  LTTE terrorism over the thirty year period violating the human rights of Sinhalas Muslims and others and also into the support given to the terrorists by England, various NGOs, some clergy of some churches, so called peace organizations etc. In any event it is never too late to investigate the barbaric activities of the English, Dutch and the Portuguese against the Sinhala Buddhists from 1506 to date.

If Cameron is the thug of the town, Manmohan Singh is the most henpecked prime minister of the whole world. At least in that respect he is not only the best east of Suez. It is said that Manmohan Singh has no access to a mobile phone or internet facilities. He does not need them as long as Sonia Gandhi and Jayalalitha posses the necessary equipments. It is very likely that he would come to Sri Lanka to attend the CHOGM even for a few hours as the “male chauvinist” Brahmins in Indian politics and Foreign Service would overcome the resistance of Jayalalitha. It is not because that these Brahmins love Sri Lanka but they know that if the Indian Prime Minister does not attend the CHOGM that would spell the end of Indian interference in Sri Lankan politics. What the Brahmins are not aware of is whether the Indian Prime Minister comes to Colombo or not Indian interference will soon become part of history. Brahmins must be thinking of the presence of Pakistan in Colombo and also of the Chinese influence in Sri Lankan economy. In any event we should welcome Manmohan Singh if possible both at the BMICH and the Nelumpokuna built with Chinese aid.

After the defeat of Prabhakaran there cannot be any separation and we in Sri Lanka should be able to manage our affairs without any interference from India or England led west. In that respect at the CHOGM the Sri Lankan authorities should have a special eye on Cameron and the so called fourth estate. The western media have been given visa for a specific purpose and they are not here to determine whether the CHOGM should be held in Sri Lanka or not. It has already being decided to hold the meeting in Sri Lanka by those who have the power to do so and the media is here to cover the CHOGM and nothing else. They are not here to dictate to us whether we should change the government or the constitution. Both Ranil and Sajith are doing their last laps in politics and the west cannot find a suitable candidate to defeat Mahinda Rajapakse.  These are matters not even for Cameron let alone the western media and the government authorities should be very strict on applying the conditions under which Visas have been issued to media personnel.     

Nalin De Silva