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Wednesday 4 December 2013

England and Sri Lanka’s problem – III

England wants the Sri Lankan government to appoint a commission to investigate into the crimes during the last two weeks of the humanitarian operations. Both the English Prime Minister Cameron and the opposition leaders the Miliband brothers, sons of the late “socialist” Ralph Miliband compete among themselves to help the “innocent Tamils” to punish the war criminals, who are none other than the President, the Defense Secretary and of course the officers and the soldiers of the Sri Lankan armed forces, in the eyes of those enlightened by an English education. As has been emphasized it is the education that has been received not the medium of instruction nor the schools attended that matters in this regard. Those who have received this “balanced” education whether at Royal, Ananda, St. Joseph’s, Visaka, Ladies, Jaffna Hindu  or Galahitiyawa Central, free or otherwise in English, Sinhala or Tamil medium, in general think alike, and are of the opinion that the Tamils have been discriminated by the Sinhala hoi polloi, referring mainly to the SLFP led coalitions elected by the latter after 1956. They also think that Camerons and Milibands are competing with each other for the vote of the Tamils of Sri Lankan origin in England. Even the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka thinks so according to a press conference he has had recently. We will examine the origin of the Tamil problem in a later installment.  

However, let us first turn to the commission that Cameron wants. He has threatened to get an “international” committee to inquire into the “war crimes” of both the government and the LTTE (this is the usual balancing act of the English- in their hearts they want to send the Rajapakses to the guillotine and certainly not Sambanthan who makes racist speeches to outdo Sritharan and Premachandran) if the Sri Lankan government fails to hold a domestic inquiry. Cameron speaks as if he is the village headman of the so called global village, as far as Sri Lankan affairs are concerned reminding us of the colonial times, though Obama is the overall village headman. Now the government has already appointed the LLRC and is in the process of implementing most of the recommendations of the commission. The Secretary to the President is looking after the implementation of the recommendations, and a three member committee has been appointed to look into some aspects, while the Department of Census and Statistics is conducting a survey on the loss of lives and property after 1982, not confining to the last two weeks of the humanitarian operations.

Before we proceed further two matters have to be mentioned of the LLRC.  Firstly it consisted of those ladies and gentlemen who had received a “balanced” education and were prejudiced with the so called discriminations against the Tamils.  After I finished my oral submissions before the commission one of the commissioners said though my presentation to the effect that the Tamil problem in Sri Lanka was not due to discriminations against the Tamils, but was a problem created by the English was logical, they had to give something to the Tamils. Thus the recommendations by the LLRC have to be taken with a pinch of salt. Secondly the LLRC is only a committee appointed by the government and its report is not a report of the government. The government is not bound to implement the LLRC report in its entirety, and only those recommendations approved by the government have to be implemented. That is the lesson we learn from the committees appointed by the governments in England who taught us of commissions with the infamous Colebrook Commission that made recommendations to break coldly the Sinhala administration and economy breaching the Sinhala English agreement aka the Kandyan Convention, signed in 1815. If Cameron is suffering from dementia we have to tell him that those days are gone and the Sri Lankan government should implement those sections of the LLRC report approved by the Sri Lankan government and not by the government of Cameron. For example though the LLRC has recommended the national anthem should not be sung in Tamil as well.           

There is no need to appoint any more commissions to look into so called war crimes. The innocent Tamils in May 2009 have already given a testimonial to the Sri Lankan armed forces that the latter were not involved in any intentional killings. The fact that the LTTE terrorists used the Tamils as a human shield is well known and it is also well established the men and women who were used in the human shield came towards the armed forces with their kith and kin without any fear of being killed. People do not rush towards killers unless they are insane and they only run away from the assassins. It was the LTTE that killed those in the human shield and what has happened is that those innocent people had run towards the armed forces to escape from Prabhakaran and his murderers. The Tamils who constituted the human shield by their action have told the world that the armed forces were their saviours and not killers. It is not necessary to have any more commissions and this may be the first time in modern history that people have gone towards the “enemy” on their own to escape from death by the “saviours”. 

Cameron who came for the CHOGM and went back to London before one could say Chilcot should be asked whether he has experienced any such event in the European history from the ancient times. It is not recorded that the Jews ran towards the Nazi  forces nor that the Irish came to the  English army in order to escape death. Of course some of the Tamils who ran away from the LTTE terrorists to the Sri Lankan armed forces would now tell a different story under “instructions” from the members of the TNA. The Tamil leaders with the connivance of the English, as they have done for more than one hundred and fifty years, would go to any length to discredit the Sinhala people and the government. Recently Sampanthan when he was disturbed by the government MPs in the Parliament wanted to use that as an example for having no freedom to express and also to tell the world the world the Tamils are treated shabbily even in the Parliament. His intention was to tell the world that the Tamils are not free to speak even in the Parliament. What he and England would very conveniently forget is that Sampanthan is not the only MP who is disturbed, and that the Sinhala MPs are all the time disturbed when they get up to speak.

Who arrived at the figure of 40,000 killed during the last two weeks in the humanitarian operations? It amounts to about 3000 killings per day and it would have been a daunting task to bury so much bodies on a daily basis. If we assume as the TNA Mps do that there were 400,000 people in Prabhakaran’s human shield then subtracting 280,000 who have escaped to the armed forces  one arrives at the figure of 120,000 for the number killed during the last two weeks. The TNA can raise this figure as had been done from time to time beginning with the so called Dasrusman report by assuming that say 500, 000 people constituted the human shield at the commencement of the last two weeks. The TNA is trying to play with numbers and blame the government for the killings when it is clear that people would have died as result of indiscriminating killings of the LTTE terrorists when they attempted to cross over to the armed forces.

The educated can be misled easily by the English who are responsible for their education as to the origin of the Tamil problem. Before we come to that we should think why Camerons and Milibands are helping the Tamil terrorists in England. It cannot be the vote of the Tamils of Sri Lankan origin as the English are not concerned of the vote of the Muslims living in England. The English politicians do not speak for Palestine or Al Qaeda in order to win the vote of the Muslims in England. It should be emphasized that there are more Muslims in England than Tamils of Sri Lankan origin.        (To be continued)

Nalin De Silva