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Friday 6 December 2013

The so called mahavir celebrations, England and the TNA

There were attempts by some members of the TNA to celebrate the so called mahavir day. In the Northern Province some members of the TNA wanted to respect the mass murder Prabhakaran ignoring the fact the latter had brought nothing but misery to the Tamil people. The man who wanted the other terrorists to wear the cyanide capsule around their necks did not want to do the same. Perhaps he thought as he had been told by various war specialists especially from the west, that he was one of the greatest soldiers ever to live and that he was invincible. In any event he died in the Nandikadal Lagoon without swallowing the cyanide capsule. It may be that he expected the west to rescue him by sending a ship with the approval of the Sri Lankan government during the last stages of the humanitarian operations. We know what Vijay Nambiar was doing in Sri Lanka at that time giving frantic telephone calls from the Katunayake Airport. The west would have realized that the President of Sri Lanka is not some so called third world leader who could be dictated to follow their orders. Prabhakaran may be a veeraya to some people in spite of the fact that he was a mass murder. He proved to be a coward by trying to escape to the west, after making the Tamil youth to sacrifice their lives for a so called cause of the Tamils with the tacit support of the present day TNA leaders who were proxy to the LTTE in the Parliament, with the assistance of the west led by England though at that time the English were not open as they are now.  

TNA leaders may now say that they have nothing to do with the LTTE and that they condemn murders by the terrorists led by Prabhakaran. However, they never condemned the LTTE those days and accepted the LTTE as the sole representative of the Tamils. The TNA leaders cannot say now they had to act the way they did then as otherwise they themselves would have been killed. It amounts to cowardice and political bankruptcy of the leaders as the Sinhala politicians  behaved differently during the JVP days. Those politicians who opposed the JVP did not keep quiet in fear of death, and when the JVP was killing the politicians who were opposed to them, the latter organized themselves and faced Wijeweera, Somawansa Amerasinghe and the rest courageously.      

If Prabhakaran had escaped during the last days of the humanitarian operations, by now he would have established Eelam in exile, of course aided and abetted by England. The plans by England and some other western countries were thwarted out by President Mahinda Rajapakse and the English are now desperate to take revenge from the President for not obeying them, by threatening with charges of war crimes. England now cannot use Norway or Sweden as it did during the time of peace vendors in the NGOs and has been forced to support nakedly Tamil racism and separatism. The English Prime Minister will deny these charges, what else he would do, but the fact that England has not taken any action against Adele Balasingham who was instrumental in organizing terrorist activities against not only the Sri Lankans but against humanity speaks volumes for the policy of the English. England may have proscribed the LTTE but true to the English hypocrisy allows the front organizations of the terrorists to operate in England, probably in the name of freedom of organization. Why not allow front organizations of Al Qaeda to hold demonstrations in Westminster and Trafalgar Square. Why does England keep a Nelsonian eye when the front organizations of the LTTE demonstrate in the Trafalgar Square? These front organizations were allowed by the government of Cameron to celebrate the so called mahavir day in London waving the tiger flag of the LTTE.

The TNA  leaders were also involved in celebrating the mass murders of the LTTE. The TNA MP Sritharan made a speech in the Parliament praising Prabhakaran as a hero and wanted to celebrate the so called mahivir day. Now it is known even to the Camerons and Milibands that Prabhakaran was for separation and wanted to establish an Eelam with the support of England contrary to what the former may say to the contrary. The Tamil problem was not “internationalized” by the Rajapakse government but by England who created the problem way back in the early part of the nineteenth century. When Sritharan speaks of Prabhakaran as a hero and father of the nation, meaning that Tamils constitute a nation sticking to the Tamil racist policy made official by the infamous Vadukkodai Resolution, he is speaking for separation. The TNA leadership cannot merely state that Sritharan’s views are not those of the TNA. Has the TNA taken disciplinary action against Sritharan?

Sritharan as an MP would have taken the following oath with the other MPs of the TNA under the seventh schedule of the constitution. "I ..................................................... do solemnly declare and affirm / swear that I will uphold and defend the Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and that I will not, directly or indirectly, in or outside Sri Lanka, support, espouse, promote, finance, encourage or advocate the establishment of a separate State within the territory of Sri Lanka.”  Now it is clear by his speech on Prabhakaran and the so called mahavir day Sritharan has gone against the oath. The government should take steps to impeach Sritharan  irrespective of the consequences. There will be opposition from the NGO clique financed by the western governments led by England, on the freedom of speech etc., However, the government should take no notice of these demonstrators paid in pounds sterling and dollars. Freedom of speech is not absolute as for example one cannot abuse another person in the name of freedom of speech. If one cannot abuse another person can an MP or any other person agitate against the sovereignty of the people? In the case of an MP it is worse as he is under the above mentioned oath. Unless the government takes against this MP who does support, espouse, promote, encourage or advocate the establishment of a separate state there will be others in the TNA encouraged by the leadership that is all out to project a wrong picture to the “international” community. Recently when Sampanthan was disturbed in the Parliament, he said that it has be brought to the notice of the “world” that they, implying the Tamils do not have the freedom even to speak in the Parliament. What Sampathan conveniently forgets is that he is not the first MP to be disturbed, and the Sinhala MPs both from the government and the opposition have to go through this ordeal whenever the Parliament sits. Samapnthan’s anxiousness to tell the “world” of discriminations against the Tamils is nothing new. I remember forty five years ago a Tamil academic of Sri Lankan origin spreading the story that he was not made a permanent member of the university academic staff thus depriving him paid leave to study in England because he was a Tamil. What he did not mention was that he had only a second class (lower division) degree and so many other Tamils were on the permanent academic staff of the university staff. When will the TNA leadership headed by Sampanthan give up these low level tactics to promote Tamil racism?  

Finally the difference between the JVP and the LTTE has to be emphasized for those who ask why the JVP is allowed to commemorate the “Ill maha samaruwa” but not the mahavir day by the LTTE. Both were engaged in terrorist activities but the JVP misguided by one form of Marxism or the other was fighting to change the system from capitalism to socialism as they believed to be doing. They did not fight against the sovereignty of the people or against the territorial integrity of the nation. They did not talk of nations within Sri Lanka. On the other hand the LTTE talked of nations and fought against sovereignty of the people and territorial integrity of the nation. The fundamental responsibility of a government is protection of the sovereignty of the people and the territorial integration of the nation. Prabhakaran’s friends and relatives may remember him in their personal capacities, but no government can allow any organization whether a political party or a government of another country to commemorate the LTTE on a political basis. In this regard the Sri Lankan government should take action against Canada still dancing to the tune of England, for laying a wreath to commemorate the LTTE. Canada has deliberately interfered with the sovereignty of Sri Lanka and deserves to be expelled from the commonwealth.

Nalin De Silva