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Friday 20 December 2013

Preparing for Geneva

Geneva has now become an annual event as the Avurudda, Vesak, Deepavali, Christmas, Ramadan etc., or even the school big matches and other such events, and we have to prepare in advance for the occasion. However, there is a difference. Geneva is a match played on a turf prepared by the western countries according to their rules that may be changed at any time even during the match to suit the organizers. Geneva is another weapon in the armoury of the west, which is used to maintain the hegemony of Greek Judaic Christian (GJC) Chinthanaya and Judaic Christian culture. The umpires and the scorers are drawn by the organizers from their team and in order to survive we have to get as much support as from those who are not with the organizers.

It is the “human rights” that is bowled by the organizers with a ball tampered by the umpires. The human rights is a concept of the present western rulers (if one insists the bourgeoisie) first formulated against the western feudalist states to “protect” the individual from the state. The west can think in terms of dichotomies only and the GJC Chinthanaya promoted the individual against the society (collectiveness) of the Catholic Chinthanaya. However, as far as human rights were concerned the individual was not any ordinary person found in the streets but belonged to the rising bourgeoisie. The bourgeoisie was based on the GJC Chinthanaya while the feudalistic rulers were emerged in the Catholic Chinthanaya. Having come to power the bourgeoisie adopted human rights to suit them and the Afro Asians did not have any human rights as such. In Sri Lanka we are reminded of English governors such as Brownrigg who rigged the western concept of human rights and Torrington who tortured the Sinhala Bhikkus and lay persons not necessarily in the battle field.

It should be mentioned that the GJC Chinthanaya is older than the bourgeoisie having incepted towards the end of the fifteenth century in Southern Europe, especially in Italy. Renaissance, Reformation, Western Science, Technology, Art, Industrial Revolution, Capitalism, French Revolution, Enlightenment etc., are all products of the GJC Chinthanaya that is now declining though it still maintains its hegemony. The GJC Chinthanaya at present is so bankrupt that it cannot identify phenomena. The use of the word “post” to identify events is a case in point in this regard. In its heyday the GJC Chinthanaya did not identify capitalism as post feudalism, but now there is a plethora of terms such as post modernism, post cubism, and even post conflict Sri Lanka. The use of the term post stems from the inability of the thinkers in the west in GJC Chinthanaya to identify phenomena. The other term used by the western thinkers is neo–something, in order to hide certain aspects of the phenomena. Thus we have concepts such as neo - colonialism, and very soon we will have neo-human beings. In Sri Lanka we do not have thinkers but only tinkers who mess around with the western concepts.  

In Geneva the organizers including the umpires and scorers will be discussing the human rights of “post conflict” Sri Lanka, however post conflict referring to the last two weeks of the “conflict” as well. It is mainly the last two weeks of the “conflict” that they would be interested though we are interested in the whole of the colonial period, which extends even up to the present “neo-colonialism”. The human rights as far as Sri Lanka is concerned can be divided into two categories. The two categories being those associated with the Tamils and that are applicable to the country in general. So called freedom of expression, independence of the judiciary, independence of media belong to the second category. However, there would not have been a second category if not for the first category. As far as the west is concerned the human rights violation in this country exist simply because the present government does not adhere to the dictates of the west in certain matters, especially in connection with the Tamil problem created, nurtured, nourished and maintained by the English. If Prabhakaran was given the opportunity to escape in the ship that Nambiar tried to organize on behalf of the west there would not have been any human rights problem in Sri Lanka, though an Eelam in exile would have been established to the satisfaction of England and recognized by most of the western countries.     

The present government with all its problems, does not bow down to GJC Chinthanaya on certain aspects of the sovereignty of the people and territorial integrity of the nation. This is what the west does not like and the human rights violations as interpreted by them will be made or the tampered ball will be bowled at us in Geneva. In 1989 -92 period human rights issue was not taken up by the west against the governments of J R Jayawardhane and Premadasa and one cannot say that they were the best democrats found in the world. Premadasa may have declared Gladstone persona non gratia but he was prepared to bow down to the England vis a vis India and went to the extent of supplying arms to the LTTE against India. The IPKF had to be sent back, but giving arms to the LTTE cannot be justified, and the west did not have anything against Premadasa on this count. Perhaps when the Sinhala youth are slaughtered it is all right as it was the Sinhala people who fought the English colonialism right throughout. The question remains as to whether the armed forces killed the Tamils indiscriminately as they did in the case of the Sinhala youth who were sometimes not even associated with the JVP. As far as the GJC Chinthanaya is concerned it is clear that the Sinhala people, except those paid by the NGOs, do not have human rights as interpreted by the west.  

As we get ready for Geneva all the familiar arguments by the Sri Lanka NGO tinkers, could be heard.  We are told that in order to win in Geneva it is essential that we implement the 13 A plus, implement the LLRC report etc. Similar arguments were heard during the thirty year “war” period and the Sri Lankans were told that the so called discrimination of the Tamils must be stopped. However, nobody has defined what these discriminations are, and what the west says amounts to that the sovereignty and territorial integrity should be given up by Sri Lanka. The loss of privileges of the English educated Tamils under the English colonial rulers is interpreted as discrimination against the Tamils in general. The solution for the so called discrimination as proposed by the Tamil leaders is nothing but continuation of their dominance at least in the Eastern Province and the northern Province as demarcated by the English, leaving the Tamils in the other provinces to be continued to be discriminated! The “solution” itself suggests that there is no discrimination of the Tamils in this country. It should be clear that there is no so called genocide against the Tamils in Sri Lanka, and the fact that the Tamils came over to the armed forces during the last two weeks of the humanitarian operations running away from the LTTE and that about 280,000 of the human shield was rescued by the armed forces speak volumes much more than the bogus reports by Darusmann, Navi Pillai and others. The 40,000 killed during the last two weeks stem from false assumptions regarding the numbers in the human shield as assumed by Samapanthan and others, and it is not a difficult task to expose their calculations.

We should not agree to any so called international investigations for the simple reason international is only a substitute for the England led west. These “internationals” are biased and what the government has done so far in connection with the missing people, lost property is more than enough. The LLRC was a committee appointed by the government and not a committee whose recommendations in its entirety have to be implemented. It is the government that decides what recommendations have to be implemented, and in that connection the Sinhala opinion should not be disregarded. If we “won” in Geneva in previous years giving false promises by those who represented Sri Lanka then those representatives have to be reprimanded. We are not bound by false promises given by representatives who are biased against Sinhala people, especially against Sinhala Buddhists, with vested interests, and think that the Tamils have been discriminated against and devolution of powers to the Northern and Eastern Provinces is the only solution to the Tamil problem. Let us campaign among our friends in the world exposing the hypocrisy of the English led west, which uses the dispersed Tamils in their countries against Sri Lanka. We should expect more acts such as attempted visits by Wigneshwaran to high security zones, sathyagrahas by some TNA members in order to “attract” the attention of the western media and also of video footage by channel 4 but we should be able to expose these gimmicks of the Tamil leaders and the west to our friends. 

Nalin De Silva