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Monday 26 August 2013

Open letter to Pillay

Dear Ms. Pillay,

I would like to pose two questions to you. You are after all the UN commissioner for human rights for the whole world and not for Sri Lanka only and I am sure that you are interested in the human rights affairs in the USA as well. Some of the NGO pundits and educated people living in Sri Lanka think that people like me are only frogs in the well without any knowledge of the current affairs, modern science etc. I am sure that you are not so and I am interested in a private in the US Army by the name Bradley Manning who was sentenced to 35 years imprisonment by a military judge apparently for leaking 700,000 government files to WikiLeaks. I agree that the main responsibility of any government is the security and the protection of the state and Manning should not have leaked those files. Did he really leak the files? If so the US army is entitled to imprison him for any amount of years that they think is suitable, and neither you nor anybody else should meddle with internal matters of the USA government, and in your interest I hope you have not taken any steps to interfere with the judgment though it is not from a female Chief Justice. What bothers me is that among the files there are apparently video footages on killing of civilians by the USA armed forces. I am interested in finding out whether as the UN commissioner for human rights you are interested in those footages.      

The second question is on Edward Snowden. I only know that he was made to stay in the Moscow airport for several days and I hope he had enough Rubles to buy his provisions while being in the airport. Are you interested in his human rights? Were you able to find out whether Putin treats him well?

Then on Sri Lanka I shall appreciate it very much if you could look into the human rights of a person called Bus Gemunu who is harassed by the government of Sri Lanka when it comes to raising of bus fare. You can ask any NGO personality who this Bus Gemunu is. As a bus traveller I am concerned of his human rights. I would also wish if you could find out why this government is so stupid as to give a contract to some ex army people to harass Ms. Abeywickrama of the Sunday Leader on the eve of your arrival if you believe some of the UNP MPs and NGO personalities.

I wish you happy hunting in Sri Lanka.   

Nalin de Silva  

Nalin De Silva