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Wednesday 28 August 2013

UNHRC used against countries like Sri Lanka

The President Mahinda Rajapaksa, according to newspaper reports, has condemned the practice of certain countries for using the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) against countries like Sri Lanka and Belarus, during his visit to Belarus. This is an important statement by a President of a non western country and the President’s recent attempts to have good relationships with non western countries in Asia, Africa, Europe should be welcomed. The President could play an important role in organizing a new movement of non western countries especially when India has become a lapdog of the western countries and the non aligned movement has died a natural death after the collapse of the Soviet Union and emergence of uni-polar world. The President should also visit the South American countries, especially the Central American countries such as El Salvador that has followed the Kelaniya group in identifying what they called the Chronic Kidney Disease due to nontraditional causes as that due to Arsenic. We have to deviate from the so-called methodologies of western knowledge and western knowledge per se (unless we absorb them into our cultures), and the non western countries should get together in evolving their own systems of knowledge, and I wish the President would consider this aspect also in his future visits to the non western countries. The western intellectuals propagate the myth that we live in a knowledge based world (knowledge based economy etc.) without specifying that by knowledge they mean knowledge created in the western Christian world during the last four to five centuries. We in Sri Lanka are so much dependent on this knowledge that while China chased out Fontera of New Zealand we are still testing for DCD and some bacteria in powdered milk, while at the same time letting the Kidney patients die to maintain the hegemony of western science. (The next installment of the relevant series should appear in the near future). It has to be mentioned that we have one of the most subservient “educated” sects to western knowledge in the whole world.

The President is not quite correct when he said that some countries are using UNHRC against countries such as Sri Lanka and Belarus. The UNHRC is part of the hegemony of western Christian colonialism that came into existence about five hundred years ago. To summarize what I have been expressing in these columns and elsewhere, Greek Judaic Christian (GJC) Chinthanaya began its struggle against the Catholic Chinthanaya in the late fifteenth century and early sixteenth century and defeated it within two hundred years or so. The so called Renaissance was the beginning of the process with Martin Luther who became the father of the poster in 1517 playing an important role. Galileo Newton were to follow and it was the GJC Chinthanaya that gave rise to Judaic Christian Culture, western science, industrial revolution, capitalism, rationalism, enlightenment, modernism etc., and even post modernism to a certain extent. Joseph Needham had said that China with an enormous amount of knowledge could not create western science due to absence of capitalism in that country. However, he is wrong as in Europe capitalism followed western science and not the other way around. The Judaic Christian culture has produced the worst kind of colonialism known to the world, which has three components cultural, political and economical, which are mutually interdependent.

The Catholic Chinthanaya tried to make a comeback in the form of Marxism and Fascism but GJC Chinthanaya was able to defeat all such attempts. Today not only the Pope but the Marxists have become servants of the GJC Chinthanaya and they have all got together under the leadership of Vickramabahu, sorry Obama to suppress the other Chinthanayas such as Islamic Chinthanaya and Theravada Buddhist Chinthanaya. In the forties when the Soviet Union was in existence the western countries were forced to give limited political freedom to some countries in Asia including Sri Lanka and in the sixties to countries in Africa. However, the west wanted to keep its hegemony in all these countries and the establishment in the sixties of so called non governmental organizations that were in effect financed by the western governments was to propagate western knowledge, ideology in non western countries. They were twentieth century missions and the missionaries were adequately compensated. The Born Again Christian sect was born in USA and they also have contributed their share in propagating western ideology. The west is engaged in cultural colonialism in addition to political and economical, and the education system that includes the schools, the universities and the qualifications that we are awarded are all part and parcel of this component of colonialism. Unfortunately free education in Sri Lanka has helped cultural colonialism and that is one of the reasons why we have one of the most subservient “educated” sects in the world. Now the media, with the introduction of television, have joined hands with the NGOs, the schools and the universities to propagate western ideology.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the west has near monopoly in the UN and its organizations such as UNHRC, and the latter are part of western Christian colonialism. The function of the western states, and UN and its organizations is to maintain the hegemony of the Judaic Christian culture and they would not talk of violation of human rights in the western countries. The Muslims in Sri Lanka have more freedom, facilities, privileges than in the western Christian countries (don’t tell me that they are secular) but the UNHRC is interested in violation of the human rights of the Muslims in Sri Lanka. It is not double standards by the western countries but their vested interest in the protection of the western Judaic Christian culture. They want to protect Judaic Christian culture against the Muslims in the western countries but in the Theravada Buddhist countries they use Muslims to annihilate the Theravada culture if possible. While Muslim culture is a threat to Judaic Christian culture in the west, the Theravada culture is a threat to Judaic Christian culture in the ideological sphere in the entire world.

The Sinhala Buddhist culture had been one of the most tolerant cultures in the whole world until the Dutch and the English used other cultures to weaken if not destroy the Sinhala Buddhist culture. It was the Sinhala king Senerath who settled the Muslims in the present eastern province when the latter were harassed by the Catholic (emerging Christian) culture of the Portuguese. The Sinhala kings then settled the Catholics in Vahakotte near Matale and other places when the latter were harassed by the Reformist Dutch. Even today the Muslim schools in Sri Lanka have their own terms something that cannot be experienced in the “enlightened” west or any other non Muslim country. The Sinhala Buddhists having realized that the Dutch and the English were using the imported Tamils, Kochins (Kochchi), Malays, and religious communities such as Christians and Muslims turned against them as part of their anti colonial struggle. When Anagarika Dharmapala warned the Sinhala Buddhists of the Kochchis it was the Kochchis imported by the English that he had in his mind. The imported people did not want to accept that Sinhala Buddhist culture is the significant culture in the country and most of the problems in Sri Lanka are due to the association of the non Sinhala Buddhists with the colonial powers and their culture. Piyadasa Sirisena’s novels (Ediriweera Sarachchandra, after all basically a product of western education, did not consider Piyadasa Sirisena as a novelist) clearly demonstrate the anti colonial attitude of the author and not any hatred towards other ethnic communities per se.  

The UNHRC and its commissioner were not chased out by the Sri Lankan government, knowing very well what they are up to. If the NGO personalities think that the government has succumbed to international pressure then they are wrong. The west, together with their NGO agents will not stop their propaganda against the Sinhala Buddhists for violating the human rights of the “ethnic minorities” as they would not accept that the Sinhala Buddhists are fighting for their lost rights, and that the “ethnic minorities” are being used by the western powers and their lapdog India to maintain the hegemony of western Judaic Christian culture and the Indian regional superiority.   

Nalin De Silva