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Friday 7 February 2014

Defeat the defeatist attitude

As Geneva gets closer the so called educated people in Sri Lanka get paranoid. Some of them think of the UNHRC punishing Sri Lanka in one way or the other, and those who are anti government would claim that UNHRC wants to punish the government and not the country. The anti government lobby is not homogeneous as it consists of “good governance” people who are against what they call corruption, violation of various freedoms including freedom of speech and independence of the judiciary, and “bheeshanaya” (violence) by the government. The list may be extended depending on the degree of anti government stance of the individual. It is regrettable that none of these ladies and gentlemen were there to protest nay sympathize with me when I was taken to the Intelligence Bureau unit at Gregory’s Road in early nineties at midnight simply because I was against Premadasa’s so called regional university concept. A police battalion of about 15 from Kurunduwatte police station led by an IP came to our home scaling the gate surrounded the house at midnight and wanted me to come to the police station with them to record a statement.

This was after this IP had come the previous day at about 2.00 am and recorded a statement on my stand on this Premadasa concept. When my wife and the eldest son who was about eighteen years then went to the Kurunduwatte police station at about 1.00 am had been told that I was not taken to this police station. It was  true as by that I was in the Gregory’s Road joint waiting for the arrival of a senior cop to question me. My wife had contacted some politicians and she had been told that I was enjoying a discussion on higher education with a senior cop and not to be worried! I was the President of FUTA at that time and the Gregory’s Road people after releasing me wanted me to visit them daily as probably they enjoyed those discussions on higher education of the country. Previously in late eighties I had to flee the country with the family as both the UNP government and the JVP were interested in sending me to heaven without much delay.  I cite this example only to remind the “good governance” people of the “bheeshanaya” during the good old days when the good old party ran the affairs of the country. The media in general did not give any publicity to these events and I am happy to note that the immediate past President of FUTA was given a good coverage in the media apparently when he had a few anonymous telephone calls.

The main group interested in Geneva is the dispersed Tamils and some sections of the TNA and the UNP, who are after the violation of human rights of the “civilians” during the last two weeks of the humanitarian operations. The UNP that was against humanitarian operations with people such as Ranil Wickremesinghe referring to Thoppigala as a mere jungle, Lakshman Kriella claiming that any “gona” can be engaged in war, and Ravi Karunanayake having no idea of where Pamankada and Alimankada are. At least he did not identify Siri Kotha as Alimankada and we should be appreciative of his knowledge.

The UNHCR cannot impose economic sanctions but we will have to expect “indirect” economic sanctions by the western countries in time to come and also charges on ‘war crimes” against the President and the Defense Secretary. In fact some anti government people would welcome these measures as they daydream of a “regime change” with such actions by the western countries. Then there are others who are scared of economic sanctions and would want the government to take immediate actions to punish those who are involved in “war crimes”.

The list of war crimes in the meantime keeps on increasing and the latest being sterilization of Tamil women, after the charges on chemical warfare. The two bishops who talk of chemical warfare and bombing civilians and other “informants” should be forced to come out with witnesses as they are involved in crimes of misinformation against the state. If the country has no laws in this regard to force the ‘informants” to come out with evidence, without just informing visiting foreigners, then the government should take immediate steps to introduce such legislation. It is clear that these charges are invented as the Bishops and others who would have known of them were silent for nearly five years, and it would not have been due to any love of the government. The Bishop of Mannar who allowed the LTTE terrorists to take the statue of Holy Mary cannot be a friend or shepherd of Sinhala Catholics. However, ironically the Catholic Church maintains a deafening silence on the  informant Bishops and we cannot be satisfied with mere statements to say that the Bishops do not represent the view of the Church. The LTTE on their part also had been silent on “chemical warfare during that time” and it makes one wonder whether the terrorists also did not want to accuse the armed forces for the “love of the country”. The government should award a prize for the best inventor of “war crime” charges and there will be better “evidence” for Navi Pillais and others who visit Sri Lanka on a periodical basis.

It is unfortunate that the educated in this country as well as in the other Afro Asian countries are misguided by the western knowledge that has been created in the west during the last five hundred years or so. It is the western science that leads this misinformation claiming to possess a so called scientific method that is not found in other systems of knowledge. In western science abstract theories that are merely stories are invented to explain sensory perceptible phenomena, the stories being non sensory perceptible, as in the case of gravitational theory of Newton. These stories are blatant lies (pattapal boru) as we have shown at a lecture conducted in Mahanuwara recently. The interested reader may listen to the lecture in Sinhala, which is in three parts on

The west lies hiding their intentions and objectives,  and in the case of Sri Lanka the “war crimes” and charges on violation of human rights are only a bogey as what they are interested is separation of the country and in order to achieve it in a “regime change” . The England led west wants to punish the Sinhala people (I refer to the ordinary people and not those misguided d by western education) as it was they who fought and continue to fight the western colonialists.  The English who wanted the Tamil Vellalas to rule the country on their behalf are now using the dispersed Tamils in the west to establish an Eelam. They want to punish the Sinhala people as well as the government for not listening to them and defeating the LTTE terrorists.

We should not be misled by the west to believe that they are interested in human rights of the people. They are interested only in propagating their culture and at present use the NGOs, Dispersed Tamils, Liberals, Marxists, Bishops and others to punish the Sinhala people. The UNHCR is only an instrument to dominate the world through the human rights issue and Navi Pillais are only paid servants of the west in this regard. We should identify the intentions and objectives of the west and should not be preoccupied with responding to the so called charges of violation of human rights . The government should continue with the exercise of exposing the west to the other countries and thus and defeating the England USA led resolution at Geneva in March. Even if we fail to do so we should not be much worried as we can defeat the intentions and objectives of the west if the vast majority of the people, ignoring the combined opposition and the so called educated people, rally round the country. The Sri Lankan majority who united to defeat the LTTE terrorists against the wish of the west can defeat the present western intentions and objections if we identify the problem without being misled by western knowledge. The defeatist attitude that has been cultivated in the minds of the people has to be defeated and that is the path for victory at the end irrespective of what happens in Geneva.

Nalin De Silva