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Wednesday 5 February 2014

Who rules the world?

We celebrated sixty six years of independence yesterday with threats from some TNA members to hoist black flags in Jaffna. It is not known whether they succeeded in their attempt but if they were they would get publicity courtesy American State Department (ASD). It is because the TNA members would have accomplished what the ASD wanted. The black flags would have been a symbol against the Sri Lankan government and the Sinhala people and the ASD would have gone to town in western capitals claiming lack of freedom in Sri Lanka. These short comings as far as freedom is concerned would have included freedom of speech, protection of human rights, independence of judiciary etc. However, in USA none of these could be found and it so happens that USA is not independent of ASD.

Sixty six years ago Arthur V Dias of Panadura who was famously known as “kos mama” hoisted black flags at his home to tell the world that the independence we were given on that fateful day, supposed to be the birthday of the wife of Ivor  Jennings,  was not complete. However, the ASD or the Whitehall in England would not have given any publicity to that event, only a few people in Panadura of my father’s generation being aware of it. “Kos Mama” in his intuition would have realized what was happening though he would not have anticipated a TNA in time to come, which would attempt to hoist black flags sixty six years with the assistance of the ASD.

Marxists would claim it is the bourgeoisie that rules the world and would wait for the proletariat revolution to emancipate the human beings world over from the misery of capitalism. They would also claim that the national bourgeoisie that depends on the “international” bourgeoisie is incapable of achieving independence and would attempt to organize the proletariat sitting mainly on their easy chairs. However, in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka, it appears that they have given the contract on revolution to the ASD sponsored TNA without waiting for that elusive proletariat that cannot be found in any Thurai (Thota in Sinhala – Port) including Kankesanthurai and Velvetithurai the “homeland” of Prabhakaran. The Thurais are there theoretically to import Navi Pillais and Nisha Biswals who work for the ASD directly or indirectly as paid “civil servants” in a modified mould of the English civil servants (members of the CCS and ICS) of yesteryear. The new civil servants do not travel in ships nowadays and they do not arrive at any Thurai, but disembark at Katunayaka Bandaranaike International airport, which is after all is a port (guvan thotupola in Sinhala), using their VIP passports. Then they fly to Jaffna most probably in aircrafts supplied by the Sri Lankan government to issue statements to the “international press”. The English Prime Minister David Cameron did not dissociate from this procedure and we were able to watch his antics.

It is the ASD that rules the world on behalf of the western Chinthanaya, and the UN and its adjunct bodies are run by the western bureaucracy led by the ASD. These organizations are financed by the USA, England and few other western countries and they are being used by those countries to dominate the world. The worst place that has no democracy in the western sense is the UNHRC that is an instrument of the ASD. The western countries maintain these adjunct bodies of the UN so that they could control them with their money as in the UN the western countries usually do not have a majority. The west knows how to bypass the majority  in organizations or countries with various pacts, reconciliations as they did in South Africa, interpreting the rules the way they want through the bureaucracy and having different rules for the west and other countries. The war crimes are formulated differently and it is not an offence for western countries to target civilian centers if it is for their gain. The name of the game is maintenance of western Greek Judaic Christian (GJC) Chinthanaya and the Judaic Christian Culture, and the ASD is the main organization that looks after the interests of the said Chinthanaya and Culture.

The human rights are only a bogey that is being used to maintain the hegemony of the GJC Chinthanaya and the associated culture and they are interpreted the way they want by the western bureaucracy led by the ASD. The knowledge created relative to the Judaic Christian culture based on GJC Chinthanaya is used to maintain the hegemony of the western countries, and we would not achieve complete independence unless we defeat the western knowledge based on western science that is a “pattapal botuwa” (blatant lie), which is oppressive. In this regard the Chinthana Parshadaya recently organized a lecture on “batahira vidyava pattapal boru” in Kandy which can be accessed through you tube at

The world has changed from the days of the civil service introduced by the English, and it is the “American Civil Service” that is being used to dominate the world. It is the civil service of the ASD that  rules the world on behalf of the GJC Chinthanaya. The ASD is different from Whitehall as the latter was more subtle in dominating the world. The Pillais and Bishwals and the American ambassadors do not have the same acumen as the Doyles and Turnours, and the former are crude and could be identified for what they are by all those except the NGO wallas, the Marxists, the Liberals and some clergy of the Christian and Catholic Churches, who serve the GJC Chinthanaya.

The Pillais and Bishwals would always go on inventing charges from war crimes to violation of human rights and apparently the latest charge is sterilizing of Tamil women. They will invent more charges in time to come on a half yearly basis until they would be able to establish an Eelam. If somebody would be fooled by the talk of the ASD and others that they are for a so called united country then it has be somebody who has been fooled by the western education. While we should prepare with responses to the charges of the ASD and Whitehall it has to be realized that it is a futile exercise if we think that we can convince these bureaucrats. Recently the Secretary to the President met Bishwal in the USA before she left for Sri Lanka but having come to the country she issued a statement that she had prepared before she arrived in this country. The statements are prepared before they embark on so called fact finding missions and it is clear that the secretary to the President had not been able to convince Bishwal.

We can wake up only those who are actually sleeping and not those who pretend to be sleeping. The Pillais and Bishwals come to Sri Lanka to tell the world that their reports are issued only after studying the problem in “depth”. We should concentrate on other countries and also on the citizens and politicians who are not involved in governing of England, USA and other western countries and not on the Presidents, Prime Ministers and bureaucrats of England, USA and the rest.

We do not know what would happen in Geneva in March but we should canvass as many non western countries as possible explaining all that we have done during the last four and half years to alleviate the problems of not only the Tamils but the Sinhalas and the Muslims as well. It is the Sinhalas who continue to lose their freedom and it is said that during the last sixty six years the Sinhala population in  Colombo has come down from about fifty percent to about twenty five percent. This implies that the Sinhala people are continuing to lose the grip on the economy of the country and it is time that the government that spends so many millions to project a clean and beautiful image of Colombo look into this problem as well. In South Africa the so called reconciliation made sure that the white minority continues to dominate the economy of that country. All the talk on reconciliation by the western bureaucrats on South African lines should be rejected forthwith.

The punishment of the President and the Defense Secretary for so called war crimes and imposing economic sanctions may be for the future but they are coming and we should be prepared for them. Unlike the so called educated people who are scared of economic sanctions the Sinhala masses are not very much concerned, and it is the duty of the government to alleviate any fears among the people by giving strength to their convictions.   As we defeated the LTTE we can defeat these bureaucrats who rule the world on behalf of GJC Chinthanaya, and the Chinthanaya itself though the latter would take some more time.

Nalin De Silva