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Tuesday 23 April 2013

Who is responsible II?

India has never been our friend since the English left that country nominally, leaving the legacy of a middle class that could be called McCauley’s Children. In addition there is a Brahmin class that is against Buddhism that has an axe to grind against the Sinhala Buddhists for protecting Theravada Buddhism. The Brahmin class can be found not only among prominent politicians such as the Nehru - Gandhi family and Jeyalalitha but also in the Indian Civil Service and the RAW. There was no India before the English came to that part of the world and during the Sinhale days we had to deal with various dynasties especially in the Southern parts of the subcontinent. The Sinhala kings maintained friendships with Cheras, Pallavas, Pandyas, Kalingas, Thelugus, as the case may be from time to time and skillfully protected the sovereignty of the country. The Cholas were always on the offensive against the Sinhalas and these historical hostilities and friendships can be found even today in Tamil Nadu. The Sri Lankan government cannot maintain political ties with Kerala, Andra Pradesh the country of Buddhaghosha and Nagarjuna Theros, Orissa (Kalinga), Bengal (Vanga) separately but the Ministry of Cultural Affairs can take the lead to encourage cultural exchanges with these states in India. Bihar is another state we should concentrate on and the Ministry of Cultural Affairs could continue with the work that Anagarika Dharmapala initiated in that part of the country about hundred years ago.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, India has gravitated towards US and the west and she is more interested being the Regional power under the US world power. There is no so called third world after the fall of the Berlin wall, and we have to build a strong association of the countries that are not pawns of the western powers. During the non aligned days Tito, Nassir, and Nehru were heroes with Bandaranaike being one of the important leaders of the movement (NAM). When Nassir closed the Suez Canal nobody in the NAM or proto NAM said he had brought discredit to Egypt but he was hailed as a hero by many in the movement. It does not mean that NAM was a homogeneous body as the leaders of the member countries changed from time to time. There were people like John Kotelawela though admired for his response to Nehru in Bandung was merely an agent of the west.

The Foreign office boys and others who have read on international relations in the universities and outside are not the most suitable candidates to be our envoys in other countries. Most of these books and articles are written by so called experts from the west and whatever the point of view these intellectuals may have they want to defend the western system or improve it. In other words they are products of western Christian colonialism, Judaic Christian culture and finally the Greek Judaic Christian (GJC) Chinthanaya that came into existence about five hundred years ago. They would say that Sri Lanka was defeated in Geneva and hence we have been discredited in the eyes of the so called international community. This international community is nothing but USA, UK and in general their supporters, agents, pawns etc., and only those who have read works of the western “intellectuals” presenting the western concepts and theories constructed in the Greek Judaic Christian Chinthanaya and relative to Judaic Christian culture would consider these countries to constitute the genuine international. There are many more countries in the world that have been bulldozed by this fake international, which do not make a noise in the absence of a strong movement against the western countries that is called the “international”.

It is through knowledge that the west suppresses the other nations today than by any other means. The pen is mightier than the sword in the sense the western knowledge is throttled down on us in the name of so called objective and scientific knowledge. We tend to think only those who have read books published in the west containing knowledge constructed there in the last few centuries are knowledgeable of current affairs, international relations and of course political science, which carries the label science to give it a grandeur status though physics itself and the so called scientific method are in a mess. The contradictions in the so called scientific method are so enormous and I have found that those who are familiar with work on philosophy of science only in the western languages are far behind some who discuss this problem in Sinhala. I have no time to waste on those who dabble with scientific method and criticize knowledge obtained from gods without trying to understand what is happening around them. Though we who obtained knowledge from the gods may not have achieved much the proscription of certain pesticides produced based on western science as requested by those who gained knowledge from gods is a victory for those who do not believe that there is a so called scientific method. Western Science and Western Knowledge after all is constructed (not discovered) in the GJC Chinthanaya relative to the Judaic Christian culture, and it serves the western countries to suppress the other countries. Unfortunately in our schools and universities only such knowledge consisting of stories constructed by the western intellectuals and given the name theories are taught and the products of these institutions in general cannot but serve the interests of the western countries.

The whole problem whether in Geneva or Chennai revolve around the Tamil aspirations and injustices caused to them as claimed by the Tamil racists set against the Sinhalas by the western Brahmins and the Brahmins of India. There are no injustices caused to the Tamils in Sri Lanka who enjoy a better life than the Tamils in Tamil Nadu. Tamil is not an official language in India and in Sri Lanka unlike in any part of India including Tamil Nadu a Tamil student can pursue postgraduate studies in Tamil Medium in most subjects in the Social Sciences. India, whatever is mentioned in the constitution is a Hindu country dominated by Hindi speaking Hindus and only recently Sha Rukh Khan complained that he is not treated as a first class citizen or words to that effect because he is a Muslim. If that is the plight of a Bolywood star one could understand the situation with respect to the ordinary Muslims in the country. India gets away with maltreatment of the Buddhists and Muslims in that country by claiming in the constitution that it is a secular country and getting the western political scientists to talk high of the Indian constitution. India with the help of the western media was able to sweep the Sha Rukh Khan affair under the carpet. Imagine the publicity we would have got if a prominent Tamil in Sri Lanka came out with such statement. When we say that Sri Lanka is a Sinhala Buddhist culture, it does not mean the country belongs to the Sinhala Buddhists only. It only means that the Sinhala Buddhist culture is the significant culture of the country. We are not hypocrites or humbugs and do not want to claim that the country is secular in the constitution. We say openly that the state protects and foster Buddhism. This is a historical position accepted even by the English in the so called Kandyan convention or the Sinhala English accord. The English cheated the Sinhala leaders by breaching the accord true to their gentlemanly behavior. The trouble with the Tamil leaders, except for a few such as Lakshman Kadirgamar is that they do not want to accept the fact that the Sinhala Buddhist culture is the significant culture in Sri Lanka. However the very same Tamil leaders would accept that Judaic Christian culture is not only the significant culture but the dominant culture not only in Europe but in the whole world! The Tamil leaders from the nineteenth century in general have served the English masters and our problem is nothing but a problem of English educated Tamil Vellala Hindus and Christians, and also some English educated Sinhala Christians who began to lose some the privileges they enjoyed under the English colonialists after we were given universal franchise in 1931. The English educated Vellalas were given the opportunity to project their loss of privileges as discrimination of the Tamils in general by the English colonialists and their intellectuals in England first and later by the western intellectuals in general. The imitating products of the Universities and schools in Sri Lanka could win the admiration of the colonial masters by propagating the myth that the Tamils are discrimintaed in Sri Lanka. It is this myth that is at the bottom of Geneva vote as well as the gimmicks of Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi not to mention the “ladyship” of Sonia Gandhi who is the effective ruler of India. (To be continued)


Nalin De Silva