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Monday 8 April 2013

Who is responsible?

The so called educated middle class in Sri Lanka is preoccupied with Human Rights Commission in Geneva. When Navi Pillai and her reports should be thrown to the wastepaper basket with the video clips of Channel Four of BBC, and NDTV of India with the contempt they deserve, the educated people think that they would be isolated in the world if they do so. Even some of the “nationalists” talked of Government not doing home work when it was heard that that the American resolution against Sri Lanka was adopted in Geneva with twenty five countries voting with US. It probably meant that the government was not prepared for Geneva but the origin of homework goes to schools and teachers who assign students with work that has to be done with the help of the parents and others. It is the teacher who gives homework and the student is burdened with writing answers to the satisfaction of the teacher. If the student does not do homework then he is given a poor F, and even if the student does homework unless the teacher is satisfied with the answers or the report or whatever the teacher has consigned the student will end up with a D or an E. In order to pass or to obtain a good grade the student is forced to produce something that the teacher expects, even if the student does not agree with what he/she has produced. Ahinsaka in the days of Budunwahanse, had to resort to killing people to fulfill the assignment given by the teacher and was prepared to kill his own mother to please the teacher, becoming an Angulimala in the process. Fortunately the Budunwahanse came to his rescue and Angulimala was prevented from committing an “ananthariya karma”.

The teachers at Geneva, namely Navi Pillai who is probably a Vellala, being a descendant of the Tamils in Natal in South Africa, where Vellalas taken by the Dutch from areas in present South India could be found, Channel Four, NDTV, the other human rights vendors including some hired people in the NGos in Sri Lanka came out with a question paper for Sri Lanka on human rights violation allegedly committed by the government of Sri Lanka. I wanted the government to throw the question paper to the wastepaper basket and not to take seriously what these teachers want Sri Lanka to do. We have not committed consciously any violation of human rights during the humanitarian operations and the thirteenth amendment is not on human rights violation unless Madam Jayalaliltha thinks that if the government of Sri Lanka does not implement the thirteenth amendment fully then it amounts to a violation of human rights of the Tamils in Sri Lanka. Jayalalitha is not fit even to act as a teacher in a bioscope (film) and she a Brahmin from south in present day India should be completely ignored leaving the Government of Indian (GOI) to deal with her and the other actor Karunanidhi.

Though Budunvahanse attained Parinibbana two thousand five hundred years ago, the Sinhala people, the Sinhala Buddhists are proud to have kept Buddha Sasana going from strength to strength in Sri Lanka and South East Asia not by force as the westerners did in the case of western Judaic Christian culture, but through karuna and maithree, and are always guided by the Dhamma. Thus the Sinhala Buddhists would not end up as Angulimalas and would not take steps to satisfy the teachers in the west, India and their NGO students in Sri Lanka. The Sinhala Buddhists would not commit the ananthareeya kamma and kill the motherland. Angulimala was about to kill his mother, when Budunvahanse intervened, but in our case in Sri Lanka, however much the western countries and India want Sri Lanka to commit hara-kiri by betraying the sovereignty of the country we will not lose our sovereignty. It is as if the Budunvahanse is alive as people who see Dhamma, see Budunvahanse as well. Some pundits may talk big on violation of Acts, agreements etc., but the Sinhala Buddhists are not interested in preserving the bogus agreements signed with the westerners and betray the country.

In any event we do not have to do “homework” to please the teachers in the west and India who act in collaboration. The west and India ganged up against Sri Lanka during the time Indira Gandhi and even prior to that Gandhi had not being a friend of Sri Lanka. Gandhi fought against the English and their system, but I have much doubts as to whether what is required by the Judaic Christian countries is just that. We are not interested in doing homework assigned by these teachers and we should consider even quitting the system or resigning from the international school of Pillai, and getting admited to another school. We know that the international school is run by US and its allies that include India and we have no intention of losing our sovereignty. Even if we have been given an F by the so called international monitors we should not be bothered as these papers are not recognized by the “non international community” that include Russia and China. Let us get away from the “international” school and register ourselves in a different school altogether. The government should look to the Buddhist and African countries in order to surmount the obstacles created by the west and India.

It is said that the government is not fulfilling the pledges and promises that we have been committed to. In particular it is said the government is responsible for the defeat at Geneva as we were not prepared and also by not doing our homework, especially in regard to LLRC report. It is true that the LLRC was appointed by the government with the mistaken belief that the English educated elite could come out with a report that would give advise to the government on certain aspects of what is known as the Tamil problem. As we have said on so many occasions the government does not have to implement even a single proposal by a commission that it appoints. It is not a compulsory requirement that the government has to implement reports of commissions that it appoints. The government may not implement even a single proposal if it is not the wish of the people.

The LLRC bases its report on the “fact” that the Tamils in this country have injustices caused to them. As far as I am concerned it is not a “fact” and I know that facts are theory dependent according to some western philosophers. The Sinhala people do not have a word for so called fact in their language as they are aware that there are no facts as such. It is the present day Sinhala people, who are guided by western knowledge who are interested in so called facts. The “facts” as far as Sinhala Buddhists are concerned are products of the mind just as much any other knowledge is, and they are dependent on concepts which are constructed by the mind. I have given a different version of the Tamil problem before the LLRC and the response of one of the members to my verbal submission was that we have to give the Tamils something whether my version is correct or not. In a nutshell I consider the Tamil problem as a problem of the English educated Tamil Vellalas who began to lose some of the privileges they enjoyed as the blue eyed boys of the English colonialists after we were given universal franchise.

In any event the Sinhala people oppose the LLRC report and even if the government had promised to implement the LLRC report previously it does not have to do so now as the majority of the people oppose it. If the NGO vendors and the elite who have been able to hold high positions in the country as a result of doing homework and satisfying the teachers, are interested in knowing how I came to the above conclusion I would only say by not doing homework assigned by the the international teachers. If the majority of the people oppose the LLRC report then the government does not have to implement it. The government does not have to please the Navi Pillai crowd against the wish of the people. After all the country has to be governed by the people for the people and not by Navi Pillai and the party for them.

(To be continued)