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Wednesday 4 September 2013

The self appointed viceroy with many vices

She came, she was blind and she could not conquer. Ms. Navaneethan (some call her Navaninthana) Pillay’s arrogance, anti Sinhala Buddhist attitude, anti government stance could be seen from what she did and spoke while she was in Sri Lanka. Of course one’s judgment of Ms. Pillay would depend on one’s political and other alliances but unfortunately most of what is being circulated is that of anti Sinhala Buddhists, anti government lobby and many people who read some of the newspapers, log into the websites, listen to and watch electronic media would come to the conclusion that the Sri Lankans in their vast majority approve what Ms. Pillay had to say in her final statement. These “watchers” of Sri Lanka affairs, who contribute to media if they are honest would have to eat humble pie when the election results are announced on the 22nd of this month. However, as they are prejudicial like Ms. Pillay they would most probably celebrate a TNA victory in the Northern Province ignoring the results of the other two provincial council elections. Even in the Northern Province the UPFA would not badly and the “watchers” will have to cook up theories at least to satisfy themselves.

I do not want to go into a detailed analysis of the vices of the self appointed viceroy as I want to return to the series on “Let them die to maintain the hegemony of western science” as soon as possible. There is much in common between that series and the present article as both are against the hegemony of western Greek Judaic Christian Chinthanaya. I do not have a so called open mind and I look at or construct the world according to Sinhala Buddhist Chinthanaya and I am proud that though I was exposed to western education and learning I was able to depart my motto being learn and depart. In any event there is nobody with an open mind, and I presume that Ms. Pillay is a human being. We all have constructed our different worlds and all those worlds including morals are relative. I am a relativist and my anti colonialism is in the final analysis against the dominance and the hegemony of western Judaic Christian culture that includes their knowledge. Much has been said about the Tamil ethnicity of Ms. Pillay and though I do not know whether she is a Vellala I am aware that in Natal in South Africa there are descendants of Vellala people who were settled there by the Dutch. She has not forgotten her Tamil identity as she is clad in sari on occasions and I am glad about it. However, when she said that she was proud of being a South African I was not comfortable as South Africa even under Mandela has not been able to give the Tamil Language and culture their due place. Ms. Pillay is interested in the Sri Lankan Tamils though not of South African Tamils. It may be that the South African Tamils are a vanishing ethnic group and it is suggested that a commission be appointed to look into the human rights of the South African Tamils. After all the most basic human right of a group is the right to survive and we should do everything possible to  make sure that South Africa protects this basic human right of the South African Tamils. Would the TNA and the Tamil Nadu politicians agree to this suggestion?

It is clear that those in Sri Lanka who are responsible for the agenda of the visit of Ms. Pillay had made a blunder by letting her meet Mr. Rauf Hakim and Mr. Vasudeva Nanayakkara. Probably the former wanted to please Ms. Pillay and thought that the two ministers would be able to come out with some nice stories. It was pathetic to see the servile manner in which Mr. Nanayakkara, an ardent nationalist before he became a Marxist, welcomed the self appointed viceroy (SAV) and to read in the newspapers the answers they had for the aggressive lady. Ms. Pillay had no business to ask Mr. Hakim as to why the Department of Police did not come under the Ministry of Justice. Does the President have to consult the SAV before he appoints the cabinet ministers and/or creating ministries and departments? The SAV is only a paid labourer, though not an Agricultural Labourer like the Vellalas, of the US controlled UNHCR and Mr. Hakim did not defend the honour of the President of the country. However, these incidents only exposed the uncivilized undemocratic SAV and in that sense I am glad about them. When she complained about the behaviour of the journalists who asked her questions it spoke volumes of the lady who pretends to be a champion of freedom of expression. Thank God she is not the viceroy representing Obama in our country as nobody would have been able to ask any questions on her policies.

When apparently Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapakse questioned her whether she would query Obama’s policies, understandably she had been silent. No viceroy would question or challenge the sovereign he or she represents. Compared to what USA has done since Hiroshima and Nagasaki the allegations against the Sri Lankan government during the last stages of the humanitarian operations pale into insignificance. The SAV Pillay has ordered the government to appoint a local commission to inquire into the violations of human rights during the last week of the humanitarian operations and threatened the government to face the consequences of an international inquiry if the government does not comply with her order. What can she or any other individual or any organization could do if the government does not comply with it? There is absolutely nothing that they could do and the USA would be taught a good lesson if Obama the defender of the Judaic Christian culture against all the other cultures decides to attack Syria under the pretext that the government of Syria had engaged in Chemical warfare. It is true that the west wants the blood of Rajapakses for defeating their darling the LTTE, and let Syria teach them a good lesson before Sri Lanka does. The Sri Lankans, apart from the cyber space people would not be deterred by economic sanctions and a threat of a NATO attack would only raise the moral of the vast majority of the country. Only those who have been brainwashed incorrigibly by the western education and/or bought by their money could be fooled by the threats. 

The government should not comply with the order of the SAV but should appoint five commissions to look into the human rights lost by all Sri Lankans. Three should cover the so called Portuguese, Dutch and English periods and one the period from 1948 to the present day excluding the LTTE terrors. The fifth should be on LTTE terrorism and the operations against the LTTE. The fifth should never be confined to the last week of humanitarian operations and the government should warn the west that it would ignore any so called international inquiry. As the President has told the SAV, according to newspaper reports, the majority of the people in the country are of the opinion that the UN is biased, and that her report had been drafted before she arrived in Sri Lanka. The President unlike some “revolutionary” ministers did not mince his words when he said in Belarus that UN is being used against countries such as Sri Lanka and Belarus. The President has to be commended for the stand he has taken and especially for giving Visa to the SAV knowing what she and the UNCHR were up to. The government should not be fooled by the statement of the SAV that the LTTE is a murderous organization. If it is so why should she talk to the TNA that includes leaders such as Premacandran who advocate the use of arms to win the so called rights of the Tamil people? It should be noted that Wigneswaran who wore the Wig has also spoken good of the LTTE and Prabhakaran. According to the former the latter is not a terrorist and is a hero. It is the Vellalas together with the Dutch and the English who are responsible for the violation of human rights not only of the Sinhalas but of the Muslims and the Tamils as well. It is also reported that the SAV wanted to find out why the Buddhist flag is hoisted in the Independence Square. She should be reminded that even the English recognized that Buddhism should be given prominence and protected, and that Sri Lanka is Sinhala Buddhist country in the sense that Sinhala Buddhist culture is the significant culture of the country, though it is not the dominant culture as Judaic Anglican Christian culture in US and UK. Even in South Africa the dominant culture is a variety of Judaic Christian culture and whatever the origin of Ms. Pillay she is also a servant of that culture. People such as Mr. Gomin Dayasiri have recommended that the report of the LLRC should be implemented. This is not the view of most of the Sinhala Buddhists and I wonder whether Mr. Dayasiri could justify his stand. The LLRC report is not a report of the government and no government is bound to implement the report of a committee merely because the government appointed it. The Sinhala people will lose many things if the LLRC report is implemented and implementation of this report would erode the mass base of the SLFP. In any event implementation of the report is detrimental to the Sinhala people. 

Ms. Pillay the SAV has also wanted to make a floral tribute the murderous LTTE members and this also reveals the hypocrisy of the lady when she called the LTTE a murderous organization. The meeting with a Jesuit priest “in camera” outside the scheduled agenda, and allowing only foreign media personnel on certain occasions also reveal the attitude of the UN High Commissioner for human rights. She is definitely blind to the grievances of the Sinhalas, especially of the Sinhala Buddhists and no wonder that she failed to conquer the minds of most of the people except perhaps that of the minister Mervin Silva and those of NGO and assorted pundits.

Nalin De Silva