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Friday 17 January 2014

Ranil, Wigneswaran and Rapp

It is clear that Stephen Rapp (the west) is not happy with what Ranil Wickremesinghe is doing to bring down the “Rajapakse regime” (regimaya in Sinhala as Ranil W., and pundits have baptized it).  Ranil W., can roll up the sleeves but after that there is nothing he could do. His talk on taking to streets is nothing but taking the Katunayaka express way to the airport. Rapp and his friends in USA as well as in England seem to be fed up with Ranil W. that they have taken the task of removing the “Rajapakse regime” to themselves. Most probably the west is aware of the fact that Sajith Premadasa, Karu Jayasuriya and some others are way behind Ranil W., in spite of their nationalistic pretentions. On any day Ranil W., will poll more votes than any one of Sajith, Karu J., or Sarath Fonseka. Though Ranil is not a nationalistic person he has more appeal to the UNPers as a leader. Sajith P., and the others in the opposition are only wasting time with their unimportant mini quibbles. Sajith P., has only two options, either follow Thalatha Athukorala to the leadership council or head for political wilderness.

It may be that some westerners want to try their luck at forming a “national government” but there do not appear to be any more vacancies in the ruling alliance. Also the old SLFPers would not tolerate more and more UNPers joining the government as the old timers would have to compete with the new comers at the forthcoming general elections that will be held most probably in 2015, after the Presidential elections. The west that does not tolerate the present government will resort to everything possible to oust it. Rapp is now gradually extending the period of so called violation of human rights beyond the last two weeks of the humanitarian operations as evident from the charges of alleged bomb shelling in a place called St Anthony’s ground in January 2009. Soon they would cover the entire period of human operations with respect to “violations of human rights”.

Rapp and his friends in the west would get the assistance of the dispersed Tamils in their countries, and of course, that of the paid clerks in the NGOs and the paid or volunteer clergy in some Christian and Catholic denominations. They will work through the UN, Geneva, economic sanctions etc., and would attempt to punish the people for keeping the Rajapakse regime in power. The west and the clergy depend on unidentified “eye witnesses” for their bogus allegations and it is said in some quarters that they are prepared to reveal the witnesses only after twenty years. Under the circumstances the government has to prepare for any outcome including an attack by NATO forces. Sri Lanka is now the most hated enemy of the western countries led by England, after some Muslim countries. It is not due to any fault of the foreign policy of the government, as the UNP and the JVP would claim, but due to the fact that the government and the President did not bow down to western pressure to stop humanitarian operations against the LTTE.

It is not necessary to have any investigation into the bogus allegations of violation of “human rights”, and if the west is prepared to identify the “eye witnesses” only after twenty years, the investigations if at all could be postponed until such time. If the west and the clergy fail to identify the “eye witnesses” take action against them for defamation of the armed forces, the country, the state, the leader of the state, by bringing in new legislation if necessary. In the meantime we should commence an inquiry into all the violations of human rights by the Europeans against the citizens of the country since 1506. The forced conversions of the Buddhists and the Hindus by these saviours of human rights to their respective denominations should also be considered as a human rights violation. The forced conversions are interpreted to include that was affected using force as well as offering various kinds of bribes and privileges. Then if the government is interested and has any faith in UN organizations, charges against human rights violations by the western forces could be brought against them at Geneva. Finally the government should take steps to form a strong organization of non western countries in the world, which would corporate among themselves and help each other against the Judaic Christian domination of the world. In short we should attempt to throw out the Judaic Christian “regime” that has brought suffering to the vast majority of the humankind. In this respect a campaign against the hegemony of the western knowledge headed by western science is compulsory as it is through their knowledge more than anything else that the west dominates the world. It is in this background a seminar will be held on 23rd of this month in Kandy on “western science is blatant lies”.

As we have said on many occasions it is not the dispersed Tamils who influence the western countries but the latter that use the former against Sri Lanka. The west allowed the dispersed Tamils to form front organizations of the LTTE, while nominally proscribing the terrorist organization, and to “collect” funds to keep the terrorists active with terrorism. In that sense the western countries are also responsible for terrorism by the LTTE in Sri Lanka and this is another aspect that has to be kept in mind by the government when investigating into the violations of human rights of Sri Lankans by the colonial powers.

The strategy of the west to destabilize the country and remove the “Rajapakse regime” is clear. While using the UN organizations to defame the country it also uses the dispersed Tamils to go back to terrorism in the Northern Province. The Eastern Province is not under the control of the Northern Province and Samapnthan though represents the East is not a prominent figure in that province. The Northern Province politics at present is controlled by the dispersed Tamils in the west, who are supported by their governments directly or indirectly. The Tamils in the Northern Province to a certain extent depend on the money sent by the dispersed Tamils, and it is clear that the results of the Northern Province Provincial Council elections held recently were influenced by these funds from the west. The government should give prominence to improve the economy of the Northern Province, and make the Tamils in the province independent of the dispersed Tamils. Until then the TNA will also be dictated by the dispersed Tamils who are not citizens of the country.

The TNA is not a monolithic organization and at present one could observe at least three factions. The Sampanthan, Wigneswaran, Sumanthiran (SWS) faction is the official TNA. However, the dispersed Tamils and the west support the Ananthi, Srithraran, Premachandran (ASP) faction, while Ananda Sangari leads the third faction. Whether Ananthi the wife of a LTTE terrorist leader is rehabilitated or not she will continue to be an important leader of the ASP faction of the TNA, and Wigneswaran the former CJ has to compete with this widow of a terrorist for political power. Rapp and the west do not think much about Wigneswaran just as much they do not have faith in Ranil W., incidentally both are from the same school and from privileged Colombo 3, 5 & 7, and the center of political power has shifted decisively since the days of Senanayakes and Ponnambalams in 1947.

The west is prepared to discard both Ranil W., and Wigneswaran to achieve their objective of displacing the “Rajapkse regime” and would back the ASP faction. The dispersed Tamils want the SWS faction to be replaced by the ASP faction as the leaders of the TNA, and it is in this context that Wigneswaran had to visit Welikada jail with sarees for female terrorists, but Ananthi does not have to visit jails to attract the dispersed Tamils. A no confidence motion against Wigneswaran is not out of order, and Rapp and the west would be most delighted to have Ananthi as the Chief Minister of the Northern Province.

Nalin De Silva