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Wednesday 8 January 2014

The government is on the correct path

There is only one way to defeat England and the other western countries who would attempt in Geneva to rap Sri Lanka for alleged war crimes during the last two weeks of the humanitarian operations, and that is by organizing the other countries. Stephen Rapp is coming to Sri Lanka followed by Nisha Desai Biswal, to find out ways and means to rap Sri Lanka in connection with so called war crimes. Let them write their reports, then come to have a chat with some members of the government, NGO personalities known as peace vendors, TNA members, may be some clergy in certain denominations, and go back and issue the report that had been already written with a change of a comma or a full stop here and there. The Sri Lankans, especially the Sinhala Buddhists are used to these exercises and they know that their views are never represented in these reports. How many Rapps have met representatives of the Sinhala Buddhists on their visits to the country? It is clear that as far as these Rapps coming to rap Sri Lanka are concerned there is nothing to be learnt from the Sinhala Buddhist Chauvinists who are neither objective nor open minded, whatever these words may mean.

Why don’t the westerners consult the Sinhala Buddhist opinion not only on the alleged violations of the human rights during the last two weeks of the humanitarian operations but also on the Tamil problem in general? Who have been discriminated against during the last three hundred and fifty years or so? The Portuguese destroyed Buddhist temples and violated human rights of the Sinhala Buddhists but they were not discriminatory. They “treated” the Sinhala Buddhists, the Tamil Hindus and Muslims alike, and did not use any community against another. They were interested in spreading Catholicism among the “heathens” and used very cruel methods against all the people living in the country in converting them. However, they were not successful and only a very small percentage of Sinhala people became Catholics during that period. Ironically more Sinhalas have converted to Catholicism when the Dutch were here. The Portuguese were most unsuccessful among the Muslims who in general supported the Sinhala people and the kings. The Sinhalas had never tried to convert Muslims to Buddhism as the latter is not a missionary religion, though some pundits attempt to project Arhat Mahinda Thera as a missionary. It is history that the Muslims were protected by the Sinhala kings from the Portuguese, and the present Muslim population in the eastern province consists of descendents of those harassed Muslims who were settled in those areas by the Sinhala Buddhist kings.

The Muslims worldwide are fighting a battle against cultural domination by the Judaic Christian culture, and in Sri Lanka despite some Muslim leaders who act only in their personal interests should not attempt to support the westerners by acting against the Sinhala people. When I travelled in the eastern province few months ago, I found that some Muslims are trying to convert those areas to a little Arabia artificially. Muslims at present are undoubtedly aggressive vis-à-vis the Judaic Christian culture but that is not a reason for them to be belligerent against the Sinhala people. The Muslims were not forced by the Sinhala people to change their customs and it will remain the same, and the Muslims have protected their identity all these years living among the Sinhalas. Thus it is not desirable for the Muslims in Sri Lanka to make their identity present forcefully in a way that is not found in Pakistan, Bangladesh or Maldives.

Unity of not only among the Muslims and Sinhalas but with the Tamil Hindus is desirable in the fight against the cultural political and economic domination of the Greek Judaic Christian Chinthanaya. When the Chief Minister of the Northern Province claims that Sri Lanka is not a Buddhist country, then it implies that we are a Christian culture as Christian is the default culture in the world. There are no so called secular countries in the world, contrary to what the pundits say, and as Christian culture is the hegemonic culture in the world, any country that is not identified with any other culture is Christian by default. The western pundits encourage their imitators in our countries to call ourselves a secular nation, knowing very well by their strategy we would become Christian in practice.

The Dutch and the English, unlike the Portuguese discriminated against the Sinhala Buddhists especially with respect to the Tamils and wanted the latter to give leadership to the country. We are still to rectify matters arising out of this discrimination and the Tamil problem has arisen as a result of educated Tamils not wanting to lose the privileges that they enjoyed first under the Dutch and then under the English. England is all out to see that the Sinhala Buddhists are discriminated against even the Muslims though the latter are hated by those belonging to the Christian culture in the west in general.

The English and the other westerners did not want the LTTE to be defeated by the Sri Lanka armed forces and wanted to rescue Prabhakaran and his gang even at the last minute so that at least an Eelam in exile could be established. It is the failure by the west to achieve this ambition that has led the England led west to frame charges of war crimes against the president, the Defense Secretary and the Armed forces. It is a case of rapping of Sinhalas by the Rapps and is nothing but taking revenge for the defeat of the west. It was not only the LTTE that was defeated in Nandikadal but the west as well.

The west is bound to come up with false statistics claiming genocide of Tamils, though there are millions of Tamils living in Sri Lanka, and the claims that so many thousands of Tamils were killed during the last two weeks of the humanitarian operations are based on nothing but assumptions as to the number of Tamils who were confined to a human shield by Prabhakaran. There is no evidence in the form of dead bodies of so many thousands killed. Though the west and the Tamil leaders claim that there were no witnesses to the humanitarian operations at least two Indian journalists Reddy and Kanchan Prasad had been in the relevant areas during the last two weeks, but the Rapps, Pillais not to mention Sitsabaisens are not prepared to talk to them on what happened during the “crucial” two weeks of the operations. As they say there are lies, damn lies and statistics.

There is no point in trying to convince the west that there were no war crimes or trying to win them by promising to implement thirteen plus or even beyond that. The west will not be satisfied by thirteen plus as what they want is a separate country, and as during the humanitarian operations they will threaten us with actions similar to withdrawing GSP plus, and imposing of economic sanctions. We should not get scared by the “gonibillas” and should try to win the other countries in the human rights council to defeat the plans of England, USA and other western countries.

It is in this connection that the efforts by the President to cultivate friendships with other countries and to strengthen friendships already established have to be commended. The west is not the world and we would not be isolated merely because England does not like the face of Rajapaksas. We should work to isolate the west in Geneva in March, and we should remember that there are so many countries in the world that do not like the bullies in the west who somehow or other try to maintain colonialism through other means. It is not neo colonialism, but colonialism and the President, as we have said very often could play a leading role in organizing the countries that do not follow the west into a strong association. 

Nalin De Silva