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Wednesday 26 June 2019

Muslim women in France

The so called freedom of the individual of Modernity works against Christian Modernity in France! Is this the beginning of the  end of modernity. Please note that neither am I a supporter or sympathizer of Muslim cultural expansionism. 

Muslim women defy burkini ban at French pool

Muslim women in France have channelled pioneering civil rights campaigner Rosa Parks by defying a burkini ban at their local swimming pool.
The campaign in the southeastern city of Grenoble was promoted on Facebook by the Citizen Alliance, which said the protesters wanted the venue to "respect their freedom" by allowing them to wear the swimsuit.
Many cities and towns across the country enforce a ban on the burkini, which are designed to allow Muslim women to swim in public while adhering to strict Islamic rulings regarding their modesty.
The restriction is a controversial issue in France, which - along with some other European countries - does not allow women to wear the burka.
Proponents of the nationwide ban on the full-face veil have cited security concerns, while others have said it prevents those who wear it from integrating into society.
Despite being warned by lifeguards that wearing the burkini - which does not cover the face - was an offence, the women who took part in the protest at the Jean Bron pool in Grenoble on Sunday were happy to accept the fines they received from police in order to make a stand.
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