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Saturday 7 May 2011

Anthima satanata sarasiyav

As I analyze the current political situation I am reminded of the Samasamaja anthem “Sadukin pelenavun den ithin negitiyaw” that includes the stanza ending with “anthima satanata sarasiyav”. Yes, we have entered the final phase of the struggle, though not in a Marxian sense, a struggle that has lasted for more than five hundred years in the entire world since 1492 and in Sri Lanka since 1506. Unfortunately as far as Sri Lanka is concerned the persons who will lead the oppressors in this final phase are not capable of even entering a schoolboy type fight on their own, and are the most incompetent of all such leaders beginning with Lorenzo de Almeida. However, the fate is such that Blake and Clinton come alphabetically after Almeida. It has been a long route from Portugal to Netherlands to Holland to England and then finally to USA nearly missing France.

Western Christian modernity is in its dying stages not according to the Marxist scheme but due to the inability of the system to sustain itself. It cannot achieve its objectives and even to maintain the status quo it has keep on massacring the nature at an exponential rate, and the world as a whole is in debt to nature that should have belonged to the future generations. The technology has not been able to come up with solutions to the tremendous needs that have been artificially instilled into minds of the human beings and the west has pawned the future generations. The collapse of the present world order is imminent and on the knowledge plane it has already happened. It is known that western Mathematics and western Physics probably the most advanced western systems do not have a firm foundation. The talks on knowledge economy, knowledge society are nothing but humbug to mislead the people who are not being trained to think. The worst of those who cannot think are the so called educated people who can only echo whatever slogans that have been created in the west, at seminars workshops etc., organized in three to five star hotels with money loaned to the country by the westerners themselves. In the last analysis we have been forced to pay the west to keep their system going. The slogans pass for knowledge and in more than one sense we live in a slogan society, which itself is a slogan. The internal contradictions are there and even the knowledge system cannot proceed beyond what has been so far created. The writing is on the wall and France most probably will be the first European country to lose prominence. Italy and other western countries would follow with USA finding it very difficult to survive. However, there would be no proletarian revolution, and no working class state would be established in any one of the countries, after the collapse of the respective western Christian modernity states.

In this final phase the western countries led by USA, the most incompetent western leader of the last five hundred years, is fighting hard to maintain its dominant status, and the naked aggression against Libya is only part of it. The panel appointed by Ban Ki – moon on the pretext of getting advice has come out with a report paving way to frame war crime charges against the President, the Defense Secretary and the armed forces. The aim of USA, England and other western countries was to replace the Rajapakses with their puppets that unfortunately includes Sarath Fonseka, by brute force and produce them before a so called international jury and send them to the electric chair. However, it did not materialize and they have taken one or two steps backward as they are incapable of marshalling the forces against Sri Lanka. According to western democracy the legislative, executive and judicial powers should be separated in each country. However, in the present world order it does not work according to that principle as described in the text books and so called peer reviewed journals that publish so called research papers approved by likeminded peers. The more we dissociate from the knowledge of western Christian modernity it would be better for the country. The USA with England playing the role of the lapdog enacts so called international laws, interpret and execute them as the state department pleases. Where is transparency as far as international politics is concerned? Where is that guy Bobby (Blake)? He is hiding behind Ban Ki –moon and is supposed to come to Sri Lanka early next month. The President should not meet him and as far as Sri Lanka is concerned there should be no negotiations with these international cowards who talk like thugs on the panel report submitted to Ban Ki – moon.

I can hear the so called educated people in the country who have been brainwashed with western education clamouring for moderation and balance. Some of these educated are the NGO peace vendors of yesteryear who pontificated that the LTTE cannot be defeated in their weekly sermons through the newspapers. They should advise their mentors masters and mistresses to be moderate and to be balanced, and accept the fact that Sri Lanka has been able to defeat the most cruel terrorist outfit in the world that was sponsored and supported by the USA and England especially through Solheim’s Norway and other Scandinavian countries, not to mention the English speaking countries Canada and Australia, and of course France. The western education has instilled into the minds of the so called educated the values of moderation, having a balanced opinion without them adhering to any of these “august principles”. There is no balanced opinion as such and only dead people can have such opinions. The western education has killed the so called educated people who cannot think and the west uses these spiritually dead bodies to preach moderation towards Bobby and his pals. The west killed our middle path in all walks of life and introduced their dichotomies. We are now gradually going back to middle path and non two valued logics and the west and their henchmen and henchwomen are advised to refrain from preaching balancing acts. The balancing act of the report of the notorious panel is obvious. They blame the LTTE twice or thrice before open their barrage of war crime charges against the Sri Lankan government and the armed forces. Only the educated fools can be deceived by these balancing acts.

As far as the west is considered it is nothing but world domination and the realization by them that their grip on world order is gradually slipping though they have not reached the grease pole levels up to now. They are more aggressive than ever though they are incapable of implementing their own plans for the rest of the world. Very soon the west will come down the pole without any prize for what they have been doing during the last five hundred years. Forget Myanmar, Libya and other Muslim countries, and concentrate on Sri Lanka. The country came under the yoke of western Christian modernity for the first time in 1506 when the majority of people from Dambakola Patuna to Devundara Thuduwa were Sinhala in each of the districts. It is clear that the Portuguese did not understand the Eksesath Rajya we had then, which was not a nation state as such, though resembled such state, referring to the king of Kotte as the emperor, and Seethavaka, Jaffna, Raigama as states, obviously trying to grasp the Sri Lankan society in their eyes. The Portuguese did not attempt to change the demographic pattern of the country. It was the Sinhala king Senerath who settled the Muslims in the Eastern Province and thus changed the demographic patterns of the country during that period. The western Christian modernity from the very beginning has been colonialist. It was the Pope who first divided the world among the Portuguese and the Spaniards. From that day they have had only one ambition. That is to rule the world and establish the “supremacy” of their culture and chinthanaya. In Sri Lanka the Portuguese were responsible for destroying many of the Buddhist shrines and founding churches in the respective premises.

The western Christian colonialism has three components, namely the political, economical and cultural. The Portuguese were more involved in political and cultural colonialism. The Dutch were economical colonialists as well, and introduced tobacco cultivation in the Jaffna Peninsula. They had imported Vellalas from the eastern coast of present South India and that was the beginning of the Tamil racist problem. The Dutch commissioned a Tamil mudliyar to write a history book (Yalpanam Vaipava Malai) on the history of Sri Lanka that is only a book of poems. The Dutch were the first to use the Tamils against the Sinhala Buddhists in order to maintain their dominance in the country. (To be continued) 

-written for  The Island on 2011/04/27

Copyright Prof. Nalin De Silva