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Wednesday 18 May 2011

Get ready for a humanitarian attack

The western Christian modernity (WCM) is in the last phase of its hegemony and is acting like an insane person. It has no respect for the sovereignty of the other countries as has been exemplified from invasions, killings and supporting so called rebel groups in the countries in Asia and Africa. The USA that became the leader of WCM after the so called second world war is trying desperately to hold to the hegemony of WCM. After more than five hundred years of world domination WCM will have to leave the planet without making the people suffer more and more. The so called postmodernism is nothing but an admission of the fact that modernism has failed with its abstract so called objective generalizations. When the postmodernists state that there is no room for meta narratives they simply state that it is not possible to generalize. In the language of computer scientists, if the western scientists admit the former to be scientists, they have to customize meaning that it is not possible to have general solutions to the problems. The social scientists who have followed the physical scientists blindly have finally realized that the general theories are not for them. Poor Marx who attempted to generalize history has failed miserably and the corridors of the academic world are now somewhat overcrowded with so called Post Marxists though this species cannot be found in the mundane political field. There is no wonder that all these poststructuralists, postmodernists Post Marxists are found in the academia, in the fields of literary criticism, feminism etc., but not in any practical political movement. Even the very few who attempted to follow praxis in politics in the pre Post Marxists era very soon found that they have no practice in politics.

What the western social scientists do not understand is that their various “postisms” such as postmodernism are not “post” but in essence pre modernism with customized theories instead of grand generalized theories. The only section among the western academics who still believe (it is nothing more than a belief) in grand theories are a species called Theoretical Physicists who still look for a grand unified theory a la Einstein. Theoretical Physicists led the way in western science from the time of Newton to that of Einstein but very soon they will become the laughing stock who will have to be hung with the strings in their superstring theories. The western knowledge has no solutions to the problems and hence the westerners try to manage problems whether in Medicine or Politics. The west has now given up meta narratives and are limited to what I would call petite narratives. The postmodernists and others with similar views could be thinking that politics is determined by ordinary family feuds and other such petite affairs but unfortunately for them there is a meta narrative that governs world politics, namely the end of WCM.

The trouble with epistemology in WCM is that they grabbed generalized abstract theories as a means of explaining the world, which is nothing but creating the world, instead of taking a middle path where relativism and meta narratives could stand side by side. The world created by us is relative to our sense organs (panchendriya) culture and the mind. Thus knowledge is relative but at the same time there are meta narratives. The meta narratives should not be considered as absolute truths as they are also created by us, the above meta narrative on creation of knowledge being also a creation, in this case in the Sinhala Buddhist Chinthanaya. The west having grabbed the meta narrative and absolute generalized theories now finds itself in the position of the proverbial cat that excreted on the stone. The western knowledge system has failed miserably and it is revealed in Gödel’s incomplete theorems in Mathematics that show that Western Mathematics does not have a solid foundation in a formal sense.

The above brief summary on the status of western knowledge is given in order to expose the belief of some pundits in our country that the west will not attack Sri Lanka in the near future. Most of these people are reductionists and they cannot find a reason as to why the west would attack Sri Lanka. We do not have oil or any other so called resources and the pundits who go by the western knowledge that has been imparted to them come to the conclusion that there is no possibility of the west attacking us. They think of colonialism as arising doing to economic factors and of politics that depend on economics. Though they do not say so, they do not envisage an attack by the west claiming responsibility to protect the interests of Tamils in the country.

If people always express what they have in mind there is no need for “speculation” in politics or day to day life in general. When Robert Blake wants Sri Lanka to investigate so called war crimes or words to that effect he has not said the whole truth as they say. What he wants in effect is for Sri Lanka to admit that there have been war crimes especially during the last stages of the operations in May 2009, and also to identify Messrs. Mahinda Rajapakse and Gotabahaya Rajapakse as war criminals. Until Sri Lanka does that USA and the rest of the west will apply pressure on us by way of various commissions, committees, resolutions, economic blockades etc. They together with India will demand a solution to the so called ethnic problem going beyond the thirteenth amendment that was forced on us by India. India may be our relative but sometimes one finds the worst adversaries among the relatives. Why is India interested in giving the Tamils in Sri Lanka a prominence that is not given to the Buddhists in India? No Buddhist has become the President, more importantly the Prime Minister of India. How many Buddhists have been appointed over the last sixty four years since India was given independence? On the other hand Tamils in Sri Lanka are much more privileged than the Tamils in India. Sri Lanka is the only country in the world where one can obtain a degree in the Tamil medium. In fact in Sri Lankan universities, not only in the Universities in the northern and eastern provinces, it is possible to write a thesis in Tamil medium for a higher degree. Tamil is an official language in Sri Lanka while it is not so in India. Hindi is the only official language in India and outside Tamil Nadu Tamil is not even recognized. In India Buddhists are a neglected lot, and the Brahmins who rule India despise the Sinhalas mainly because the latter have managed to protect Buddhism for more than two thousand three hundred years at all odds.

The westerners pretend to support the Tamils based on the propagated myth that the Tamils are discriminated by the Sinhalas without any substantial proofs. We are made to understand that the Tamils who are discriminated have campaigned in the west very efficiently and effectively to such an extent that the western governments have been convinced of the allegations by the Tamils. The world opinion is made by the western media and they propagate only what they want. Their main interest is the hegemony of WCM and it is the western media, western intellectuals and western politicians who act in unison to decide on what to propagate and what not to propagate. Occasionally there would be a Watergate when somebody has to be replaced for the sake of maintaining the hegemony of WCM. The current interest of the Channel Four and some media over the killing of unarmed Osama bin Laden should not be taken seriously as it will die a natural death unlike the interest of western media in the so called war crimes in Sri Lanka. The west needs this type of criticism of their own actions in order to convince themselves and the rest of the world that there is so called democracy and freedom of the press in the west, and also to replace someone who has become an obstacle to the maintenance of the hegemony of WCM. The media know their limits and they would never try to overstep in their criticisms against the governments. The west also maintains people such as Chomsky who is not known to the average American in order to show to the world that there is freedom for the intellectuals to champion their views heard more by the rest of the world than by the Americans themselves. Hilary Clinton the state department boss would not have been brought to limelight if not for the Monica - Bill activities in the oval room, and the Clinton family would have been poorer if not for Monica Lewinsky.

It was the western media that created and inflated the so called plight of the Tamils and not the other way around. The Tamils on their own could not have penetrated the western media if not for the latter picking them as an instrument to attack the Sinhala Buddhists. We must remember that it was first the Dutch and then the English who created a Tamil ethnic group and then Tamil racism in Sri Lanka. They did that in order to weaken if not destroy the Sinhala Buddhist culture just as much the west established a Jewish state in Palestine to weaken if not destroy the Palestinian nationalism. Sri Lanka may not have oil but has a rich culture and a Chinthanaya that is a challenge to WCM and Greek Judaic Chinthanaya. It is this culture and the chinthanaya that the west wants to destroy if possible, and Tamil racism and terrorism are only tools that were created nurtured and sponsored by the Dutch, the English and now by the Americans who are the present leaders of WCM. I have described this in detail elsewhere and some of these can be found in the website For more than five hundred years the western forces have been plotting against the Sinhala Buddhist culture in addition to exploiting us economically.The colonialism of WCM has three interdependent components economical, political and cultural. The western pundits and their henchmen and henchwomen here who are nothing but infertile imitators forget the cultural component. Only a few writers such as Huntington in the west have recognized the threat from challenges to cultural colonialism. Of course they do not mention cultural colonialism but talk of clash of civilizations, as if civilizations are going to clash on their own without any reason. The bankrupt western reductionist theories that try to reduce politics to economics for the benefit of the westerners and to deceive their imitators in the rest of the world have to be exposed going back to the epistemology of western knowledge.

The west has failed even after employing terrorism through Prabhakaran, whom they could not rescue even after applying pressure on the Sri Lankan government to go beyond the thirteenth amendment. The west then attempted to use the so called diaspora or the exodus Tamils in their countries, however they could not foresee that the exodus had no existence independent of Prabhakaran. This is the main difference between LTTE and Al Qaeda that has an existence independent of Osama bin Laden. The west realized only towards the end of the operations that they were losing together with Prabhakaran and the LTTE, and they soon brought the white flag story and Sarath Fonseka to the forefront. Now having failed that too the west has no alternative but to get involved directly and Ban Ki-moon, Robert Blake and the state Department under Hilary Clinton are working overtime on this last project. There may be another so called international commission to prepare the ground for a humanitarian attack in the name of responsibility to protect the Tamils claiming massacres, depriving human rights etc., of Tamils and we will have to suffer as Libya does when it happens. The west could even prop up a tiny group of Tamil Christians in Sri Lanka to agitate against the Sri Lankan government so that they could invade Sri Lanka under the guise of protecting various rights of the group, with or without taking economic measures. Whatever the mechanism may be the invasion will not be due to the love of Tamils but in order to destroy the Sinhala Buddhist culture which is a threat to WCM. We have to prepare for this so called humanitarian attack from this moment and the government should be ready with a plan to face any eventuality. I would not say that culture is over determined following bankrupt Althusar terminology, but at present the cultural component is more important than the economical component of western Christian colonialism.

Copyright Prof. Nalin De Silva