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Sunday 1 May 2011

What would Ban Ki – moon do next?

The answer to the question what would Ban Ki-moon do next is obvious. It is not a direct answer but is in the form of a request. Ask Blake is the response to the question what would Ban Ki – moon do next. The uninitiated may ask Blake who the answer to which is Blake the ambassador. However a person who does not know much of ambassadors would type the words ambassador Blake into a search engine, and would be surprised that there are two ambassadors Blake. It tells us of an ambassador Lively Blake who is described as skinny, who has drop-dead-gorgeous legs and who is the ambassador for Chanel Mademoiselle handbags. The other Blake has been USA ambassador to Sri Lanka and has spent number of years in Tunisia, Algeria, Nigeria and Egypt, places not very unfamiliar to many Sri Lankans. For those who are not interested in legs or handbags there is only one choice whether one likes it or not.

Robert Blake one time USA ambassador to Sri Lanka has apparently had a Harvard education though it does not matter at all. After all Stanley Thambiah the world renowned sociologist as they say, who wrote Buddhism Betrayed was teaching there and Blake seem to have been inspired by Thambiah doctrine though the latter may not have learnt at the feet of the former. In any event there is no parshad education in USA the most modern, if not the postmodern according to some pundits, state in the world. Robert (do they call him Bob or Bobby?) is now a top notch in the USA state department and can take many decisions on his own, though I am sure that when it comes to Sri Lanka he takes advise from more senior officials in the state department.

The American state department has a never ending love with Sri Lanka especially after Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse became the President of the country. Earlier they made use of Norway and poor Solheim another person who was in love with Sri Lanka, and they were interested in replacing Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse by Ranil Wickremesinghe or even with Chandrika Kumaratunga if it was possible. Unfortunately unlike in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia the Americans could not organize a people’s struggle against Mahinda Rajapakse regime especially after the humane Prabhakaran was killed by the armed forces. So far nobody has said that Prabhakaran also came with a white flag, and Mr. Rajapakse is going from strength. The Sri Lankans, especially the Sinhalas living abroad have made use of the American Time magazine to vote Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse as the fourth most influential person in the world and the Americans would not dare to organize mass struggles against the fourth among the 2011 Time 100.

So what can Blake and the other top officials in the American state department do? They can instruct Ban Ki – moon, who is only a puppet in the hands of the Americans and the other westerners, after all he comes from South Korea which has been Christianized by the west recently, and is being used against North Korea and the rest of non Christian Asia, to appoint an “impartial UN commission” to fully investigate the allegations made by the Ban Ki – moon panel, which undoubtedly was appointed on the advice of the ambassador Blake, I mean Bobby and not Lively, and the other big boys and girls in the state department, headed by none other than Hilary Clinton.

The western political scientist pundits would say that after the collapse of Soviet Russia the world has become unipolar. This unipole is something that the western “intellectuals” would like to see but unfortunately for them, it is as elusive as the magnetic monopole of the Nobel Prize winning English Physicist Paul Dirac, no he was not called Paul after he predicted the monopole. The world is dipolar even without Soviet Russia and is roughly a class of good boys and girls and naughty boys and girls. The good boys and the good girls do as they are told by Blake and his friends in the state department while the naughties would just ignore the unipolarists. Putins, Gadhaphis, Rajapakses are the naughties while Abdullahs, Ranils and Chandrikas and even Premadasas have been the good guys and the gals. Does anybody remember UN commissions on violations of this and that rights of the JVPers by the Premadasa – Ranil government? One should not forget that Ranil was the Prime Minister of that government and Batalanda was a torture camp. An independent commission, if there are such commissions, should be appointed to find out what Bobby was doing in the eighties and nineties.

One pole of the dipolar world was led by USA after the so called second world war and the other was led by USSR until the fall of the Berlin wall. However, it did not mean that the world became unipolar after the fall of one of the two famous walls, the other being the Cartesian wall whose fall has sounded a death knell to western knowledge and civilization, as expected by the western social scientists that included Fukuyama who thought that history had ended. On the contrary the history is just about to begin after a dark age that has lasted for more than five hundred years since 1492. The world is divided into two poles the western Christian pole, that includes South Korea of Ban Ki – moon as well, and the opposition to it. The opposition need not have a leader and this is the difference between the dipolar polar world before the fall of the Berlin wall and the present dipolar world. The western social scientists cannot think of a pole without a leader and they claim that the world is unipolar as they do not see a leader other than USA. The USSR was sprung from Catholic Chinthanaya and it wanted to lead the other pole into a Stalinist regime, not very much different from the so called liberal regime. If USSR succeeded the world would have had two poles, one based on Greek Judaic Christian Chinthanaya and the other on Catholic Chinthanaya. However as there is no leader of the opposition to USA led pole, now all are leaders in a way (Api okkoma rajavaru) and Sri Lanka is destined to play a significant role in the new world “order”. It has to be mentioned here that we are interested neither in a unipolar or a dipolar world but in a no polar world.

As far as the west is considered it is I and the other as western sociologists and psychologists would swear. This dichotomy is rooted in the western culture and goes back to Aristotelian two valued logic with its bankrupt reductio ad absurdum method that is held in high esteem by some pseudo intellectuals who want to show off that they know about Mathematics without knowing Mathematics. This cultural characteristic of the west is one of the reasons that the western intellectuals and their followers here are obsessed with the so called “other”. The west sees either them or opposition to them and does not want any country to have a President or Prime Minister who does not agree with them. Obviously Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse cannot be bullied to follow the west and moreover their antipathy to Sinhala Buddhist culture makes them to see enemies in Rajapakses. We said during the last Presidential elections soon after the white flag talk by Sarath Fonseka that the west would attempt to send both Messrs. Mahinda Rajapakse and Gotabhaya Rajapakse to the guillotine for defeating their darling the LTTE which they used against the Sinhala Buddhists in the country. The so called war crime charges against the Rajapakses are being framed using Ban Ki – moon for this purpose and nothing else. The Channel four of the BBC and the peace mongers have been working overtime to prepare the ground for Ki – moon and what these westerners do not understand is that they are only making Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse more popular among the Sinhalas by their partiality and sponsorship towards Tamil racist movement. Had they released the Ban Ki – moon panel report before the local government elections the UPFA would have won some more UCs and Pradeshiya Sabhas. The UNP can decide not to oppose the report to their detriment.

Not surprisingly the TNA has praised the report of the Ban Ki – moon panel and it is a typical deekirita balalluth saakki case. (my English is not good enough to translate this into either Anglican or American English for the benefit of Bobby and others.) Very soon the journalists san borders and shame and other peace loving organizations will jump the bandwagon. Already a rag sheet by the name Sri Lanka Guardian has come out with a figure of 100,000 civilians killed by the Sri Lankan armed forces. They even quote Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapakse who has said that about 30,000 terrorists of LTTE have been killed as if he had referred to so many civilians. Ban Ki –moon panel has based themselves on gossip and still continue to refer to bombing of hospitals. Whether Ban Ki – moon would be advised to appoint an “independent commission” or not by Bobby and his buddies, the Sri Lankan government should investigate into the sources of this false information to the panel and if there are any Sri Lankans involved they should be charged for treason, if they cannot substantiate their information no matter what positions they hold in Sri Lanka or united nations which is a group of nations not united at all, or anywhere else.

Copyright Prof. Nalin De Silva