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Friday 3 May 2013

Who is responsible IV?

Let us assume that the government has brought discredit to the country as a result of its foreign and internal policy. Now what will be the outcome of discrediting the country? How would the so called international community consisting of the western countries and India their agent in the region react against the government? In the eyes of the west and their agent the Sri Lankan government has violated the human rights of the innocent Tamils during the last week of the humanitarian operations and not implemented the thirteenth amendment plus unidentified (13APu) and the LLRC report that would have rectified the injustices caused to the Tamils since independence. It is clear that the government according to the west and their agent has brought discredit to the country by its treatment of the Tamils since the English have purportedly left the country. Why is that Russia and China not interested in the “inhuman” treatment of the Tamils of the country by the Sri Lankan government? What is the reason for the west and India on one hand, and Russia and China on the other hand see the problem differently?

Assuming that the government has discredited the country by its treatment of the Tamils in the country what steps would the west and India take to rectify the matter? In other words what would they do to solve the so called problems of the Tamils due to the injustices caused to the latter by the “Sinhala governments”? The UNP is of the view that the west would impose economic sanctions and finally an Eelam would be established in the Northern and Eastern Provinces. The UNP has no moral right to be against establishment of an Eelam as it has done all that it could do during the humanitarian operations to oppose the government forcing the latter to engage in so called peace talks to establish an Eelam. The 13th amendment, PTOMS of Chandrika Kumaratunga and all the talks by peace vendors of the NGOs and some members of the clergy of certain religious denominations would have resulted in an Eelam with Prabhakaran at the helm. Thus the UNP and their bandwagon should be happy that the government by discrediting the country has paved the way for the establishment of an Eelam. It is not the UNP, the peace vendors both clergy and laypeople but the government that prevented the establishment of an Eelam by not listening to the west and India.

The peace vendors now propagate the myth that the west and India helped the government to defeat the Tamil terrorists but it is the furthest from the truth. Those who opposed the humanitarian operations have no right to blame the government for “discrediting” the country. Mahinda Rajapakse became a hero by not bowing down to the west and India and defeating the LTTE that was financed and supported in many ways by those countries. When the same people who opposed the humanitarian operations now blame the government for discrediting the country it speaks volumes for the motives of the former. The government has brought credit to the country by defeating the LTTE and the west and India, in the eyes of the “non international” the same way Nassir brought credit to Egypt by closing the Suez Canal and Ho Chi Ming brought credit to Vietnam by defeating the US forces. All that Mahinda Rajapakse has to do now is to ignore the west and India and carry on with the reconciliation projects that the government has on its agenda without listening to the western educated middle class professionals who cannot think beyond the nose of their white masters who “educated” them. The reconciliation projects of the government need not be the same as those dictated by the west and India.

All these talks on discrediting the country is nothing but rubbish and they surface during the time when the united nations human rights commission meet in Geneva. The Tamil Nadu “uprisings” against Sri Lanka have died out except for the ban on Sri Lankan cricketers in Chennai. All these are political gimmicks by Indian and Tamil Nadu politicians and the Sri Lankan government should open more consular general offices in other states of India and try to establish cultural links especially with Kerala, Andra Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal and Uttara Pradesh. The Tamil Nadu people have problems other than those projected by the west and India of the Tamils in Sri Lanka to worry about and the gimmicks of Jaylalitha and Karunanidhi should be ignored. These gimmicks are for the benefit of the Indian central government and the west that maintains the Tamil dispersed people to be used against the Sinhala Buddhist culture.

It is true that the UN will not impose economic sanctions as it is very likely that Russia and China would veto any such motion by the discredited international of the western countries and their various agents. However, the western countries would impose such sanctions on their own and as we have said number of times, the NATO countries could even attack Sri Lanka as they have done in other countries. We should not be deceived by diplomats cleaning our beaches as these gimmicks are even worse than those by politicians. These are the diplomats of the countries that have polluted the country with their ideas and propaganda using political groups and parties financed by them. These gimmicks also show the fake discredited international the beaches in Sri Lanka are polluted but not cleansed by the Sri Lanka governmental authorities that the poor diplomats themselves have to attend to cleaning up thus discrediting the Sri Lankan government on the environmental front as well. In any event who invited the Sri Lankan press to take photographs of these Sri Lanka loving diplomats?

Sri Lanka is being discredited by the fake international of the west and their agents just as much some of the Muslim countries are discredited by them. The so called Tamil problem is the creation of the Dutch who brought agricultural labour from modern South India and of the English who formed a privileged group of English speaking Tamil Vellalas (Agricultural Labourers) and thus set up Tamil racism against the Sinhala people in general and Sinhala Buddhists in particular. The English towards the end of the nineteenth century wanted the English speaking Vellalas to be the leaders of the country sidelining even the English speaking Sinhala Christians. However, the plans of the English were destroyed by themselves who gave universal franchise to us in 1931. After the universal franchise the dream of the English of making the English educated Vellalas the leaders of the country was shattered and the latter lost some of the privileges that they had enjoyed under the English. Symbolically the Oval (P. Sara Stadium) had to give way to the S.S. C. grounds and the descendants of Saravanamuttu do not enjoy the same privileges that the senior enjoyed. Saravanamuttus and others instigated by English interpreted the new balance of power as injustices caused to the Tamils by the so called Sinhala governments. Thus Tamil racism was and is used against the Sinhalas and especially the Sinhala Buddhists by the fake international. The Tamil racism was given publicity by the western press not because the Tamils convinced the west that they are being discriminated by the “Sinhala governments” and it has nothing to do with the efficiency of the Tamils. The publicity is given by the fake international as Tamil racism was created by them and since they want to discredit the Sinhala people. Thus discrediting the Sinhalas and the “Sinhala government” is nothing new though Ranil Wickremesinghe and the UNP try to present it as due to the foreign policy of the government, on behalf of the westerners.

The LTTE or Tamil terrorism was defeated against the wish of the fake discredited international and after the defeat of the Tamil terrorists the west is now trying to discredit the government on the so called human rights violation of the innocent Tamils during the last week of the humanitarian operations. In order to do that the west is using the dispersed Tamils who are maintained by the fake international. In order to hide their involvement the west comes out with the bogus excuse that there is a substantial Tamil vote in their countries and they have to look after the interests of the Tamils. The million dollar or euro question is why the west does not listen to the Muslims in their countries with a much bigger vote base than the dispersed Tamils. The moment the west drops the dispersed Tamils they will disappear to the oblivion without any trace and that will be the end of their so called sophisticated propaganda machinery. It is the west and India that is responsible for Tamil racism and also for discrediting the Sinhala people and the Sri Lankan government since the beginning of the twentieth century.


Nalin De Silva