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Friday 9 January 2015

The way forward

The Presidential elections are over but the final results are still coming in as you read this column. This is written on the day of the elections, but I am confident that the people would have voted to safeguard national security and the unitary state. Having said that, I must add that, unless we are very vigilant and committed, there is a possibility that the unitary state could be replaced by a federal state. Though Tamil terrorism has been defeated, Tamil separatism and Tamil racism are kicking hard from London with the intervention of the government of Cameron, or if you insist the government of Elizabeth Windsor.

The English (British for the political analysts, political scientists and the other pundits) high commissioner in Sri Lanka was visibly involved in the election campaign, though not directly, travelling around the country. He was ably assisted by the American ambassador and later towards the end of the campaign they were joined by the European Union, which had earlier imposed sanctions on fish trade. The High Commissioner and the US ambassador had met Minister Basil Rajapaksa on Wednesday, and the former has apparently told that his country would work for lifting of sanctions at the EU. It is not known what England did at the meeting of the EU, which decided to impose economic sanctions.

It appears that the envoys are trying to establish good relationships with Sri Lanka. However, having known England for more than two hundred years and US for more than one hundred years, the majority of Sinhala people are suspicious of the meetings. It may be that the Government of Sri Lanka wanted to counter the rumours that are spread in fashionably called social media by meeting the envoys. Whatever the reasons may be the Government of Sri Lanka should be careful when meeting present day Doyles.

Terrorist attack in Paris

It is ironical that on Wednesday there was a terrorist attack on a satirical newspaper in Paris, where Chandrika Kumaratunga who mentioned of Mr. Prabhakaran in Jaffna had apparently studied. We do not attach any importance to her claim that she studied at Sorbonne, without being awarded a degree, as the university is not groomed in the tradition of Mahavihara or Abhayagiriya or even Nalanda in Dambadiva. In any event the terrorist attack in Paris is not a satire, and we in Sri Lanka have had more than our share of "satire" for more than twenty five years.

I am sure that the terrorist who masterminded the Paris attack is a mister or may be even a monsieur and we should thank Chandrika Kumaratunga if she could distinguish between a mister, a monsieur and a monster. A monsieur in London or Paris is very often a monster in Kotte and monsieur Prabhakaran who was nurtured and nourished by London finally had to end his life in Nandikadal Lagoon surrendering to the present day Parakramabahu VI of Kotte.

We had identified the present day Don Juan and Dona Katherina long time ago, when some of the pundits speaking on behalf of the unitary state were for a federal state, and the fate of the monsieur would have been different if they were in power.

The attack in Paris is nothing but one of a series of violence by Muslim Chinthanaya on Greek Judaic Christian (GJC) Chinthanaya, or if one wants to imitate Huntington a clash of civilizations though the concept is not clear. However, it does not mean that the GJC Chinthanaya is innocent, and it can be said that most of the problems in the world during the last five hundred years are due to that Chinthanaya.

It is the Western foreign policy led by the Americans that is responsible for the mess that the whole world is in, and the Muslim Chinthanaya unlike most of the other Chinthanayas is capable of challenging the GJC Chinthanaya militarily.

As far as Sri Lanka is concerned, London would not give up easily and is behind Tamil racism and Tamil separatism. Tamil racism was created in the early decades of the nineteenth century with the establishment of the Legislative Assembly, which evolved to Tamil separatism in the forties with the elections to the first Parliament.

However, C. Suntheralingam had come with the concept of Eelam (Eylom as he spelled it) much earlier.

The Tamil separatism was baptized politically in the forties and with the establishment of Ilankai Thamil Arasu Kadchchi (the so called Federal Party) in 1949 it began its campaign for a separate state.

The Vadukoddai resolution of 1976 saw the culmination of this movement. By that time Tamil terrorism that is nothing but the armed extension of Tamil separatism had come into existence and Monsieur Prabhakaran finally became the sole representative of the Tamils as recognized by the TULF as well as the TNA later on. It is only Tamil terrorism that has been defeated, and Tamil separatism and Tamil racism continue to exist. If we are to go forward we must defeat Tamil separatism and finally Tamil racism and it cannot be done by kneeling down to London, Washington or Paris that define the cultural triangle of the "educated" Sri Lankans.

The West applies pressure on the Sri Lankan government through various means and their agents could be found both inside and outside the government.

It is said in certain quarters that the foreign policy of the government became a mess after certain people were called back from places such as Geneva and Paris. Some of them helped Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa at the Presidential elections and more than a vigilant eye has to be kept on them. The Sri Lankan foreign policy is not in a mess. As said previously it is the American policy following that of their cousins in England, which is responsible for the problems in Sri Lanka as well.

The political scientists and political analysts who have been trained in the Western universities, Peradeniya being one of them, would proclaim that we are in a mess simply because the Western countries bring so called human right violation charges against Sri Lanka in Geneva on a half yearly basis, following the half yearly examinations some schools used to have about sixty years ago.

The Western countries would stop their nonsense in Geneva if the government of Sri Lanka is prepared to implement the thirteenth amendment and go beyond that. This policy is called thirteen plus and it is said at one time Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa had promised to go beyond the thirteenth amendment.

It is clear that whether he promised this or not, some delegates had promised the thirteenth amendment to the Western countries that in turn acted favourably to Sri Lanka.

Social media

The advocates of the thirteenth amendment are in the Cabinet and among the so called political scientists who were promoted mainly by government media and some Cabinet ministers who themselves were federalists few years ago, but now follow the President reluctantly, but it is high time to drop them, as the people do not want the thirteenth amendment implemented.

We have to be concerned also of so called social media, another term created by the Western intellectuals to give it a pseudo democratic appearance, which propagated nothing but lies. It is believed that the facebook information was uploaded in London and this again proves that unless we have our own systems of knowledge we are vulnerable to attacks by the Western system of knowledge.

It is unfortunate that the young generation in general has become slaves of what is known as IT, but in the name of information they receive pattapal boru (blatant lies) though not of the same order as Western science. The pattapal boru of Western science are mere guesses that have been successful to a certain extent, but the pattapal boru in cyberspace are nothing but naked lies.

The nationalistic minded people who have some knowledge of information technology should address this problem, while those who are interested in politics should concentrate on ditching the politicians in the government and the pundits who are promoted by these politicians, who still advocate implementation of the thirteenth amendment that paves the way to federalism.

Nalin De Silva