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Wednesday 29 September 2021

බටහිර විද්‍යාවෙන් දෙවියන් වහන්සේ ඉන්නා බව (හිටි බව) ඔප්පු වන්නේ ද?


බටහිර විද්‍යාවෙන් දෙවියන් වහන්සේ ඉන්නා බව (හිටි බව) ඔප්පු වන්නේ ද?


පහත පළවන ලිපි වලින් කියැවෙන්නේ  එසේ ඔප්පු වන බවයි.



බටහිර විද්‍යාව ඒක රේඛීයයි. එයට පටන් ගන්න තැනක් මොහොතක් අවශ්‍යයි.


ෆ්‍රෙඩ් හොයිල්ගේ සතත අවස්ථා විශ්වය (steady state universe) බටහිර වි්‍යාවේ පිළිගැනුණේ නැහැ. සාක්‍ෂි නැති බව එයට හේතුව ලෙස දක්වාවි. එහෙත් මහා පිපිරුමටත් සාක්‍ෂි නැහැ. ඊනියා උද්ධමනය (inflation) මහා පිපිරුමේ තේරුම් කරන්නේ නැහැ.


කෙසේ වෙතත් මේ ලිපි දෙක මෙසේ පළකරන්නේ විද්‍යාත්මක බෞද්ධයන්ගේ හා විද්‍යාත්මක අදේවවාදීන්ගේ දැනගැනීම පිනිසයි. මා ඔවුන්ගේ ප්‍රතිචාර බලාපොරොත්තු වන්නේ නැහැ. ලිපි දෙක තේරුම් ගැනීමට උත්සාහ කිරීම ප්‍රමාණවත්.


බටහිර විද්‍යාවේ කතන්දරත් යුදෙවු කතන්දරත් එකම වර්ගයේ.


චක්‍රීය චින්තනයක් ඇති බෞද්ධයන් රේඛීය චින්තනයේ වහලුන් වන්නේ දැනුම් ආධිපත්‍යයට යට වීමෙන්. ඒ බෞද්ධයන්ට දෙවි පිහිටයි.


Scientific Evidence for the Existence of God


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Have you ever wondered about what is the scientific evidence for the existence of God?

There are many people from all walks of life who wonder about the answer to this question.

When I was in college, I became an atheist. If you were to ask me about my beliefs in God at that time, I would say that there was no God or gods.

If you were to ask me about what I believed would happen after we die, I would tell you that the lights would just go out.

I would give you an analogy about how just like you push the power button on your remote control to turn off your TV, then that’s exactly what would happen to you after you die.

If you were to ask me about what I thought about religion, I would tell you that I thought that all religions were evil.

I would tell you that religion is the cause of so many killings and hate crimes in the world. The world would be a better place without it.

More than 15 years later, I now think differently.

I now believe that there is a God. I now believe that it’s not always religion that’s a problem, its people.

My beliefs about the afterlife have changed too. I now believe that after you die, you end up going somewhere for the rest of time.

If you’re interested in my story of how I changed my mind about my beliefs in God and the afterlife, then you can read about it over here.

In this article, I’m going to share with you what is the scientific evidence for the existence of God.

I’ve shared before an article about the logical or philosophical argument for the existence of God. All of the objections to this argument have really good answers, in my opinion.

Of course, I didn’t come up with this argument, Plato and Aristotle did back in the first century. 

Still, when I share this article with atheists, some of them tell me that they want to see scientific evidence for the existence of God instead. So here it is.

If you don’t believe in God, then I hope this will be the beginning of your journey to find the truth.

If you do believe in God, then I hope that this article will be helpful to you the next time you share your faith.

What is the Scientific Evidence For the Existence of God?

You’re a unique person that has unique physical attributes. For example, think about the shape of your eyes, your mouth, the color of your hair.

All of you put together is unique, and unless you’re a twin, there’s nobody in the world that looks exactly like you.


That’s because of your DNA. Your DNA is the genetic makeup that gives you your unique physical characteristics.

It wasn’t until recently that we fully understood what DNA is.

In 1990, the Human Genome Project set out to determine the sequence of the chemical base pairs which make up human DNA.

It took 13 years to complete the decoding of DNA, and the results were eye-opening (source).

DNA is the scientific evidence for the existence of God.

3 Reasons Why DNA is Scientific Evidence For The Existence of God

1. DNA is a Language

I want you to imagine that you walk into a bookstore and you pick up a book that you find interesting.

You open up the book and you read the first sentence. It reads, “This is a story about love.”

What is it about those six words that made you understand what this book is about? I’d like to propose these two things:

1.  Meaning

Each word in the sentence above has a meaning. You know what words like “story, about” and “love” mean.

If these words didn’t mean anything to you, then you wouldn’t know how to pronounce them or understand them.

2.  Sequence

The fact that the words are in a certain sequence is important. The words are arranged in a certain way so that it creates a grammatically correct sentence that you can understand.

If the sentence above instead said, “story a love this about is,” then the sentence wouldn’t make much sense.

Making these two distinctions about language is important to you understanding how DNA is also a language.

If you were to open up a book and you found meaningful words that were put together in grammatically correct sentences, what evidence would you need to know that there was an author who wrote the book, even though you never met him or her?

The answer would be the linguistic sentences in the book are evidence that there was an author who wrote it.

Similarly, the language in DNA is evidence that there was an author who wrote the book to life.

What’s further fascinating about DNA is that after the human genome project was complete, it was discovered that it was composed of some 3 billion genetic letters.

“One of the most extraordinary discoveries of the twentieth century was that DNA actually stores information, the detailed instructions for assembling proteins in the form of a four-character digital code.”Dr. Stephen Meyer, The Discovery Institute

The amount of information in human DNA is roughly the equivalent to 12 sets of The Encyclopedia Britannica, which is an incredible 384 volumes. DNA is so filled of detailed information, that it would fill 48 feet of library shelves! (source)

Some people will try to argue that evolution is responsible for the intricate language found in DNA. However, it’s impossible for a process like evolution, even if it was given billions of years, to come up with the language that we see in DNA.

There will be more about why this is the case in the section of this article called, “Answers to Counter-Arguments by Atheists.”

You also might be thinking that while there must be an intelligent source behind DNA, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the source is God. I’ll also be addressing this question later on in this article.

2. DNA is an Instruction Manual

The second interesting thing that we learn about DNA is that it’s an instruction manual.


Imagine that you just bought a new nightstand to replace the one that you currently have in your bedroom.

Most nightstands these days come unassembled so that you can easily move the piece of furniture out of the store, into your car, and drive it to your home.

So as you are in your bedroom opening up your new unassembled nightstand, the first thing that you find when you open the box is the instruction manual.

You pick it up and as you begin reading it, you find that it says, “Take the wood panel labeled 1 and attach it to the wood panel labeled 2. Use one of the provided screws to fit the two panels together.”

The instructions give you, the assembler, all the information you need to put your nightstand together.

Likewise, DNA are instructions to your cells to put all of your living parts together.

If you bought your nightstand and looked at the instruction manual without ever meeting the author of the manual, what evidence would you need that there was an intelligent source behind the writing of the manual?

The answer would be that the manual itself is evidence that someone wrote it. You don’t need to meet the author of the manual to know that there was someone who wrote it.

Neither do you need to meet the designer of the nightstand to know that there was a designer.

Similarly, DNA instructions are evidence that Somebody wrote the manual to life.

Another way of looking at it is similar to that of writing code for a software program.  The code written by the programmers of the software instructs your computer to do certain things.

Likewise, the code in DNA instructs your cells to do certain things.  Obviously, there has to be an intelligent programmer behind all of this complex code.

“DNA is like a software program, only much more complex than anything we’ve ever devised.”Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft


3. DNA is Mathematically Perfect

The alphabet that makes up the DNA language consists of only four letters.

They are denoted by the letters A, C, T, G. If you tend to be on the geeky side, then those letters stand for adenine, cytosine, thymine, and guanine.

These four makeup nucleotides that make up the strands of DNA. (source)

DNA needs to copy itself. In order to meet maximum efficiency, DNA requires the number of letters in each word to be an even number.

Of all the possible mathematical combinations, scientists have discovered that the ideal number for storage and transcription has been calculated to be exactly four letters. (source) 

“The coding system used for living beings is optimal from an engineering standpoint. This fact strengthens the argument that it was a case of purposeful design, rather than a lucky chance.”Werner Gitt, German Engineer


The fact that DNA is mathematically perfect is a strong indicator that there was an intelligent designer that coded DNA for a specific purpose.


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Who is The Intelligent Designer Behind DNA?

So now that you’ve read about the evidence for an intelligent designer through DNA, you might be thinking why does that intelligent designer have to be God?

After all, a higher life form from another universe could be the designer behind DNA. Or the intelligent designer could be any god like the god of Islam, or maybe one of the gods of Hinduism.

So in this section I’m going to show you why that intelligent designer has to be the Christian God.

We know that our universe had a beginning in time. That means that before the universe began, there was no such thing as space, time, or matter.

We know that the universe did not come from nothing. Please see my article for more information.

Therefore, the intelligent designer that created the universe must have had the following attributes (source):

1.  Supernatural

The intelligent designer has to exist outside of the natural world because nature itself was created at the same time when the universe was created.

2.  Spaceless

There was no such thing as space before the universe began.  Therefore, the intelligent designer must exist outside of space because He created space a long time ago.

3.  Immaterial

The intelligent designer must be immaterial because He created matter.

4.  Powerful

The intelligent designer must be powerful because He created something (this universe) out of nothing.

5.  Intelligent

The designer must be intelligent because the universe was designed to sustain life and all of its complexities.

6.  Personal

The intelligent designer must be personal because it decided to convert a state of nothing into something. Impersonal forces don’t have the ability to make choices.

When you examine all the intelligent designers that claim to have created the universe, you see that there’s only One that is said to have all of these qualities.

That is the God of the Bible.


Answers to Counter-Arugments by Atheists

Even though the scientific evidence of DNA clearly points to an intelligent designer, atheists like to make counter-arguments to some of these points.

In this section I’ll be answering the most popular ones.

1. Evolution is Responsible for DNA

Atheists like to claim that evolution is responsible for DNA. They say that given billions of years and given random chance, then it’s possible to create a sophisticated language and database like the one found in DNA.

However, I’d like to point out that this is an impossibility. There is no intelligence behind evolution. Just think of this example.

Imagine you’re flying in one of those airplanes that skydivers jump out of. With you on the plane, you take a bag of red, white, and blue confetti that are made up of thousands of little pieces.


When you’re flying in the sky, you throw out the bag of confetti out of the plane.

What are the chances that the pieces of red, white, and blue confetti would fall perfectly, and create a picture of the United States flag as they fall to the ground?

The odds of that happening is a mathematical impossibility. Why?

That’s because you don’t need lots and lots of time in order to arrange the red, white, and blue confetti into a United States flag.

You need an intelligent designer that has a purpose of putting the pieces together. (source)

Likewise, you need an intelligent designer to put all of the complex pieces of life together.

Just how impossible is it for evolution to be responsible for the complexity that we see in our universe? The answer is 10 to the power of 60.

That number, if written out, would be “one” followed by sixty “zeros.”  You can read more about the mathematical impossibility of evolution in this article.

Some scientists say that they’ve demonstrated that natural selection can produce changes in DNA.

Changes to DNA through natural selection isn’t disputed by creationists.  This level of evolution is known as microevolution.

However, what creationists do dispute is changes to DNA at the macroevolution level.

Macroevolution states that given billion of years, one kind of organism can turn into a different kind by adding new information to DNA.

However, this claim has never been observed as shown in this movie here.

2. An Unknown Intelligent Designer is Responsible For DNA

There are some atheists that agree that an intelligent designer is responsible for DNA.

However, they reject the God of Christianity as being that designer, and they instead propose that the intelligent designer is still unknown.

What they are alluding to as the source of intelligent design are an unknown higher life form, like for example, aliens.

They’re basically saying that there’s a possibility that there’s an intelligent life source out there in our universe that we don’t know about yet, that is the intelligent designer behind DNA.

Or they even might say that the intelligent designer exists outside of our universe.

In either case, this is just a stall tactic to buy time and avoid giving an answer.

Atheists love to say things like, “We don’t know the answer but we are making new scientific discoveries every day. We just know that the answer is not your God.”

Well that’s a problem because it always gives atheists a way out of the argument.

But the truth of the matter is that there is a God.  There is an afterlife.  God will hold people accountable for their choices.

There’s also a heaven and a hell. The choices you make in this world will determine where you spend eternity.

DNA is Proof That There is a God

Even though I’ve demonstrated in this article that the scientific evidence leads to the conclusion that there is a God, some atheists will still not be convinced.

It’s not because atheists know that God doesn’t exist.  The bottom line is that deep inside atheists know that there is a god, but they’ve suppressed the truth in their unrighteousness.

“For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them.”

-Romans 1:18-19

I should know about this, after all, I used to be an atheist.

During that time I didn’t want to be accountable to God. I wanted to live life on my own terms.

So I ended up partying, going to nightclubs, and doing all sorts of bad things that left me lonely and depressed.

But God brought me back to Him after eight years of living a sinful life.

I hope this article helped you.  If you want to chat about this topic, just drop me a comment below.

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Science Proves The Existence Of God




12 min read



None of us have physically seen God, nor have we seen Him interact with this world in a way that can be scientifically verified. So then how can we use science to prove that a Supreme Being or God exists whose powers are unimaginable and whose existence transcends time, and space?


Modern society has produced Secular Christians who generally walk the path of life with little more than “blind faith.” They are led to this belief system that Christianity is based entirely on feeling, and the concept of God has mere existence in the mystical realm of faith and has no basis in facts.

But if this is the case, then how are we as Christians supposed to convince Atheists and unbelievers to the reality that God exists?

Atheists and the contemporary scientific community would have you think that God and science are polar opposites. But nothing could be further from the truth. God has not left us in doubt concerning His existence. On the contrary, He has provided us with more than enough evidence that the position of Atheists looks untenable.

In this article, we will have a brief look at some scientific facts which strongly imply the existence of God. It will also become evident that Atheism is unscientific and illogical.

God and Science

Contrary to popular belief, God and Science are not irreconcilable diametric opposites, but rather, they are in perfect harmony because a truly scientific study of this topic will lead to the evidence that proves the existence of God.

science lab

Science   –   The systematic study of the structure and behavior of the natural and physical world, or knowledge obtained about the world by watching it carefully and experimenting.The Cambridge dictionary

And now read Romans 1:20 to see the proof that God gives of His existence.

For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse.Romans 1:20

Can you see the similarity between the definition of science and the approach that God wants us to use to determine His existence?

God is telling us that the best way to know about Him is through the scientific study of His creation!

Now, this is excellent advice from God because the best way to understand the origin of the universe is to study it scientifically.

God and The Laws Of Thermodynamics

The Laws of Thermodynamics are the most fundamental laws of physics. They have been tested numerous times and have always proved to be valid.

Thermodynamics (from two Greek words meaning ‘heat power’) is the science dealing with the conversion of heat and other forms of energy into work.  The Laws of Thermodynamics explain the fundamental behavior of matter and energy and are essential to understanding why the universe works the way it does.

In other words, the very fabric of the universe is governed by these laws!

The First Law of Thermodynamics

Also known as The Principle of Conservation of Energy, the law states that in a closed system, “Energy or Matter can neither be created nor be destroyed but rather can only be transformed from one form to another.”

This law is one of the most fundamental laws of Physics and all, physical, biological, and chemical processes in the universe are subject to this law.

E.g., If you burn a piece of wood to generate heat, it may appear that the matter in the wood has been destroyed. This is not true, the atoms that made up the wood are still there. They were merely transformed into ash, soot, smoke, and heat.

wood burning

If we were to weigh all the remnants and by-products produced as a result of burning the wood, we would find that the weight would be the same as the original piece of wood. You might think that maybe by burning the wood, we created new heat energy, but this is also not true. It already had chemical potential energy preexisting within it, which just got converted into heat energy.

Therefore by burning the wood, no new energy was created or lost from the universe, it was just transformed from one form to another.

Implications of the First Law of Thermodynamics

The implications of this law are far-reaching. Endless studies and experiments have confirmed its validity repeatedly under a multitude of different conditions and the results have always agreed. Therefore this law is unquestionably accepted as a universal fact by all scientists.

From this law, the following conclusions can be drawn:

The total amount of energy and matter in this universe is constant.

Natural processes cannot create themselves nor arise from nothing.

So where did all the matter and energy come from?

Contemporary scientists and atheists claim that the universe was created by the Big Bang. According to the Big Bang theory, all matter including stars, planets, galaxies, etc. and all energy such as heat, nuclear, and chemical energy came into existence at the Big Bang. And according to the same scientists, there was no matter or energy in before the big bang.

This violates all the known laws of physics, including the first law of thermodynamics. Remember, energy and matter cannot be created, so the “scientific” theory of the Big Bang contradicts the most fundamental law of Physics.

The universe has a seemingly infinite quantity of energy and matter. But where did all of this come from in the first place?

Scientists today admit that they don’t have an answer. But I would like to suggest that the only logical and plausible explanation is that this energy and matter were introduced into this universe from an external source or entity. This entity has to be very large, powerful, and capable to provide almost unimaginable energy and matter to bring the universe into existence.

Therefore science and the first law of thermodynamics require and prove the existence of God.

The First Law of Thermodynamics mentioned in the Bible

Yes, you read that right, it is not a typo. All the laws of nature were created by God. So it should come as no surprise that you can find many of the laws of nature mentioned in the Bible thousands of years before man discovered them.

1 Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them.

2 And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made.

Genesis 2:1-2

The Second Law of Thermodynamics

In essence, it states that the amount of usable energy in the universe is decreasing as time passes, i.e., entropy or disorder in the universe is increasing with time.

The second law of thermodynamics is one of the most fundamental laws of nature, having profound implications because it predicts that the universe has a bleak future. One day the universe is going to end up in a “heat death.”

Note: Entropy is a measure of the energy not available for useful work.

Let us understand this from an example. Right now, as I am typing away sitting in a cozy room, I have a very hot cup of coffee sat next to me. If I wait for another 10 minutes, what is going to happen to it? Will it become warmer or colder?

The answer is it is going to become colder. And why is that? This is because my coffee is going to transfer its heat to the colder air in my room. The total energy in the room has not been lost (This is because of the first law of thermodynamics) but simply has escaped into the air, slightly warming it up in the process. But this heat energy of the coffee has been lost and is no longer usable. That is for all intents and purposes, there has been a “heat death” in the room.

Now imagine this on the enormous scale of the universe. Imagine stars to be hot cups of coffee and the universe to be a closed system like the room. Heat energy from these stars is slowly but surely being lost and is being converted into unusable energy. In other words, our universe is slowly winding down like a clock.

universe dying

But if the universe is winding down like a clock, then it cannot have been eternally existing (even the big bang theory admits a beginning for the cosmos), and more importantly, someone has to have wound up the universe to cause it to come into existence.

Therefore, the second law of thermodynamics demands that the universe had a beginning. And since entropy increases with time, the universe should have started out in the most perfectly ordered state or, in other words,  close to zero entropy.

Because energy is required to maintain low entropy, and we know from the first law of thermodynamics that this energy cannot have come from within the universe.

Well known physicist, Sir Roger Penrose calculated that the probability of our universe starting out at very low entropy just by pure chance is :


to one. It means ten raised to an exponent of:


It is hard even to imagine how big this number is. It’s 10 followed by 43 zeros times larger than the entire atoms in the universe!

We know that our universe started out at very low entropy and scientists admit that the possibility of this happening out of natural means is almost zero!

Folks we are left with only one other option, the universe was created by someone.

Therefore science and the second law of thermodynamics prove the existence of God who created this universe in its most stable and perfectly unchaotic state.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics mentioned in the Bible

25 Of old hast thou laid the foundation of the earth: and the heavens are the work of thy hands.

26 They shall perish, but thou shalt endure: yea, all of them shall wax old like a garment; as a vesture shalt thou change them, and they shall be changed.Psalm 102:25-26

The Cosmological Argument that proves God Exists

Science also proves the existence of God through the cosmological argument.

The cosmological proof can be inferred from the following syllogism:

Premise 1: Whatever begins to exist has a cause.

Premise 2: Our universe began to exist.

Conclusion: Therefore, our universe has a cause.

Premise 1 is obviously true because it is constantly affirmed by our day to day experiences.
Every event has a cause. For e.g., if a flower vase in my garden falls and breaks, it didn’t fall on its own. It was caused by something to fall. Now the cause could be the wind blowing, a ball hitting it, me accidentally stepping on it, etc.

Scientists have never found a single occurrence that was uncaused. Therefore our primary premise can be safely concluded to be universally true.

Premise 2 has been scientifically verified to be true.

As late as the first half of the 20th century, scientists thought that our universe had an eternal existence, i.e. no beginning and no end. They assumed that the universe is static, i.e. its size has always remained the same.

This was known as the steady-state theory, which was first put forward in 1948 by British scientists Sir Hermann Bondi, Thomas Gold, and Sir Fred Hoyle.

But we know that this contradicts the laws of thermodynamics and other scientific evidence such as cosmic microwave background radiations in the universe. Scientists have also discovered that galaxies are receding away from us at an increasing speed, this indicates that the cosmos is expanding.  Based on these evidences, scientists now overwhelmingly agree that our universe had a beginning.

Its only within the last 50 years that scientists have accepted what the Bible claimed about 3500 years ago!

World-renowned astrophysicist Dr. Robert Jastrow says:

three lines of evidence – the motions of galaxies, the laws of thermodynamics, and the life story of the stars – pointed to one conclusion: all indicated that the universe had a beginningGod and the Astronomers, page 111

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These sound and verified premises all point to the fact that our universe had a beginning, and an uncaused first agent brought it into existence.

The universe clearly could not have caused itself to come into existence because that would be irrational.
If it could, then it would already have to be in existence and have a mind of its own.

According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, space, and time are interconnected. His theory proves that space, time, and matter came into existence at the same time when the universe came into existence.

Therefore the uncaused agent has to be outside the domain of the universe and also space, time, and matter.

This is only possible if the creator has God-like capabilities of being transcendent over space, time, and matter. The Creator or God of the universe, therefore, has to be outside of our 3-dimensional space, has to be timeless or eternal, and doesn’t consist of physical matter.

Now I believe this is an accurate description of the Biblical God.

The fundamental laws of science clearly prove the existence of God.

If you are an atheist or an agnostic, I implore you to consider the overwhelming scientific evidence and accept the reality of God.