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Monday 18 March 2013

Independence is a process -II

After the so called second world war western Christian colonialism which is a product of western Christian modernity that commenced more than five hundred years ago, had to take a different path. The westerners who have become creators of knowledge used that knowledge following Bacon who said that knowledge is power. The so called second world war saw the emergence of Stalinism in Eastern Europe and it was clear that at least in that part of the world there was an attempt to go back to the Catholic Chinthanaya after the defeat of Fascism in western Europe, which was also based on Catholic Chinthanaya. Catholic Chinthanaya that had been defeated by Greek Judaic Christian Chinthanaya had attempted to establish its hegemony again either through Fascism or Marxist Socialism.

In Asia and Africa independence struggles were helped by the emergence of Soviet satellites in Eastern Europe and very soon countries in Asia had to be given a limited independence. However, by this time the western colonialists, especially the English had created a sect who could be called McCauley’s children and they were English in everything except in the colour of the skin. A middle class that depended on western economy, political structures and culture especially in Education had arisen and it was not difficult for the western colonialists to maintain their hegemony through the dependence of McCauley’s children on the west. The elite schools in Asia had been modeled on so called public schools in England and Wales and other such schools in the continental Europe and the young men and occasionally young women went to English and French universities for higher studies. There were of course some others who were trained as western lawyers especially in England and France and whether they were influenced by Liberalism or Marxism these educated youth were fodder for the colonial masters. The west depended on these educated youth to maintain their hegemony even after a limited political independence was given to their respective countries.

Western Christian colonialists needed other institutions to complement the educational system in Asia and Africa in order to maintain their hegemony. The united nations and its various subsidiaries were the most important in this connections. These organizations helped the westerners to balance the influence of Soviet Russia and its satellites in Eastern Europe. Then the so called commonwealth that had been confined to the white nations that were in essence colonies of the English was extended to countries in Asia in the forties and in Africa in the sixties. The world bank, IMF and other such institutions only increased the grip of the western Christian countries on the others and western Christian colonialism had continued to evolve despite a limited political independence given to Asia and Africa.

However, there were two other important developments that had taken place in western Christian colonialism after the so called second world war. I insist on referring to it as the so called second world war as it was not a war in which the whole world was involved. Countries in Asia and Africa other than Japan were dragged into the war by the colonial masters and we had no choice in this matter. It was a war essentially between western Christian modernity based in Greek Judaic Christian Chinthanaya and Fascism based in Catholic Chinthanaya with Soviet Russia and Japan becoming allies of the warring factions. After the war America became the leader of the western countries displacing England, and Soviet Russia became the leader essentially of the countries of the Greek Orthodox Church. America is not as tactful as England and even with the western educational system spread over all the countries they found it difficult to obtain the support of the Asian and African countries.

It was in this background that the Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) were established soon after the African countries got their limited political independence. These organization though called non governmental were and financed directly or indirectly by the western Christian colonial countries. Later international non governmental organizations (INGO) were established as extensions of the NGOs. The NGOs were nothing but instruments of western Christian colonialism and though some of them were involved ostensibly with welfare work in the villages in Asia and Africa they were essentially successors to the missionary workers of the early western Christian colonial phase. However, the west has learnt its lessons and it is not difficult find non Christians in Asia and Africa working for the NGOs. The NGOs essentially propagates the ideology of the western Christian modernity and they could be found in every corner of Asia western taking Christian modernity to the future generations in Asia and Africa.

All these institutions, the UNO and its subsidiaries, the Commonwealth, IMF, World Bank, the schools and the universities, the NGOs are only instruments of western Christian colonialism and through education which is the prerogative of the western intellectuals we in Asia and Africa have been brainwashed to consider them as institutions that do a great favour to us, when opposite is the cased. The middle class in Sri Lanka that consists mainly of McCauley’s children are now worried whether we would be able to hold the meeting of the commonwealth heads in Sri Lanka, and if we go b y the opposition leader Ranil Wickremesinghe who acts as if he is the opposition leader in England (UK if one wishes that way) whether we would be expelled from the commonwealth. Has anybody done a study on who benefits from the commonwealth? The commonwealth offers a few scholarships and fellowships to Sri Lankans and it would be nice to see some of these scholars and fellows undertaking a study on the costs and benefits of being a member of the commonwealth. We should be able to tell the commonwealth to fly a kite and expel us from the commonwealth if they wish to. It is very unlikely that Sri Lanka would be expelled from the commonwealth for not following the Latimore House Principles as in that case England would have to expelled first. On the other hand even if Sri Lanka is expelled from the commonwealth we should not be disturbed as it is one of the instruments of western Christian colonialism. The McCauley’s children would be deeply upset by such a move but then Sri Lanka should not take these brainwashed people and their ideas seriously. The de brainwashing of the McCauley’s children is an essential step in our continuing independence struggle.

The President had referred to the charter of the United Nations in his address to the nation on the independence day and reminded the western envoys that neither united nations nor any member nation of the UN should interfere with the internal matters of any other member. What the President has forgotten is that the UN Charter is there only in theory as UNO is one of the most important instruments as far as western Christian colonialism is concerned. The semblance of impartiality this organization had vanished after the collapse of the Berlin wall and the UNO is only interested in maintaining the hegemony of the western Christian modernity. The so called freedom of speech, good governance, human rights etc., are only again instruments used by western Christian colonialism to tie down our hands thus depriving independence. As the west has a monopoly of knowledge their intellectuals come out with various concepts and theories essentially to rule the world the way they want. The concept of right to protect was one such bogus concepts.

Copyright Prof. Nalin De Silva