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Friday 29 March 2013

Independence is a process –V

As we have said already the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations is just another weapon in the armoury of western Christian colonialism used against the countries and governments that do not follow the dictates of the western countries. If Sri Lanka had not defeated the LTTE terrorists against the wish of the western countries nothing would have happened in Geneva as far as Sri Lanka is concerned. Further had the west being successful in establishing an Eelam with Ranil Wickremesinghe in Colombo and Prabhakaran in Kilinochchi, and had the Sinhala people rose against the Wickremesinghe government in Colombo only to be murdered by the government forces then again Navi Pillai would have been lost in the suburbia of Geneva. In fact the west would have supported the Wickremesinghe government to massacre the Sinhala people. It is a case of maintaining puppet governments by western Christian colonialism and destabilizing those not liked by the west. Navi Pillai is after all a paid servant of the west and she has to do a job to earn her bread.

Recently I was asked by the presenter at a talk show as to how various different forces such as the dispersed Tamils, Channel four, the human rights people, the NGOs, western countries have got together against the Sri Lankan government. The answer is very simple as all these organizations have the same origin in western Christian colonialism which sponsors and finances all of them. Even the Marxist parties owe their survival to western Christian colonialism in the present epoch and one is not surprised to find the three wheeler Marxist parties in Sri Lanka forming a so called united opposition with the conservatives and liberals against the government which was able to stand up to the threats of the west. Most of these organizations belong to the cultural component of western Christian colonialism and as the cultural component is more significant in the present epoch of colonialism these organizations are given prominence. There are many gullible middle class educated people who are fooled easily by the western countries, after all the educated people have an education given by the west, who think that the innocent western governments are misled by the dispersed Tamils, and that these Tamils are in a position to influence the elections in some of the western countries. It is nothing but the truth and is a myth spread by the western countries themselves. The western intellectuals are very good at creating such stories, which sometime go by the name theories, and the gullible educated people in Sri Lanka waste no time in believing these stories. The Muslims in France and England are more influential than the dispersed Tamils as far as elections are concerned, but the governments of these countries do not go out of way to please the Muslims. On the contrary these governments would impose restrictions on the dress and cultural habits of the Muslims indicating clearly that they are not after the votes of the Muslim people. The government in England sponsors dispersed Tamils and have no objections when Tamil organizations headed by Catholic priests and others who are antagonistic to Buddhists meet in the Westminster Parliamentary buildings.

The UNP claims that the US resolution at the human rights commission is against the government but not against the people of the country. It is not clear as to what is meant by people by the UNP, but the west is certainly against the majority of the Sinhala Buddhists and the Muslims of the country. The west considers the Sinhala Buddhist culture and the Muslim culture as threats to the Judaic Christian culture and the western countries did not care for the human rights of the Bhikkus and Sinhala Buddhists who were massacred by the Tamil terrorists sponsored by the west. We do not know where Navi Pillai was when the Sinhala Buddhists were being killed by the LTTE terrorists and the channel four probably did not have cameras at that time. The west may not be against the Olcott Buddhists but they would do anything possible to destroy the Sinhala Buddhist culture.

The installments of the mega teledrama produced by Channel Four and directed by Navi Pillai and Company will not end with the video on Prabhakaran’s son. There will be others to follow in the installments to be released and we should not take these seriously. They are frauds, fakes and the Channel four has done a favour to the Sinhala Buddhists by producing the teledrama teaching them the tactics of western Christian colonialism. We should not attach any importance to bogus human rights commission in Geneva, and treat it with contempt it deserves. We should not send ministers as members of our delegation to Geneva and let the diplomats handle Navi Pillai and company. The UNP that thought of Medawachchi when the armed forces were in Kiliknochchi and proclaimed that any fool can get involved in a “war” has no right to talk of human rights of the Tamils who were used as a human shield by the LTTE. The Sri Lankan armed forces did their best to protect these innocent people and if anybody is responsible for the violation of their human rights it is the LTTE and those clergy, the politicians, and the western countries who were behind the LTTE and tried to protect the LTTE leaders. As a corollary the UNP and Ranil Wickremesinghe who signed that infamous ceasefire agreement in Vavunia with Prabhakaran while the latter was in Medawachchi, sorry Killinochchi, are also responsible for the violation of the human rights of the innocent Tamils in Pudukuduirrippu. The western Christian colonialism and its various instruments such as the NGOs which are responsible for the violation of the human rights of the human shield ironically accuse the government and the Sinhala Buddhists who did their best to protect the lives of these people.

This is the face of the present phase of western Christian colonialism and the government should not give in to western colonialism in Geneva. There should be no compromise with US and England which is spearheading the attack against Sri Lankan government and the Sinhala Buddhists, and the government should be prepared to be defeated in Geneva even with a bigger vote in favour of the US resolution than in last year. Any compromise with the US on the resolution would amount to a betrayal of the armed forces, and would make sure that the Sinhala Buddhists would alienate from the government. Geneva is neither the end nor the beginning of western Christian colonialism and there would be other “springs” such as the cricket spring and the clergy spring waiting in the wings. The Katunayake, Fisheries, Academic and Hulftsdorp springs turned out to be winters for the sponsors of the springs and a cricket spring with Compton Lecturers would turn out to be a snow storm if the government does not compromise on the US resolution. The government does not have to be ashamed of its record during the humanitarian operations, and it is the UNP and the western Christian colonialism that have to answer the Sinhala Buddhists and the Tamil human shield for the violation of their human rights. It has to be remembered that the government is not answerable to the so called international community which is only another name for the western Christian colonialism. The government is responsible only to the people in this country and as long as there is no symmetry in relationship with the other countries the government should consider these countries with nothing but contempt.

The west would think not only of other springs but also of economic sanctions against Sri Lanka which would work against the people of the country, except those who are probably fed by the western embassies. The UN charter may not permit economic sanctions but one should not expect the western Christian colonialists to honour the charter when it comes to weakening other cultures in the world. The President reminded this horrible feature of western Christian colonialism in his address to the nation on the independence day and we should be prepared for economic sanctions in the near future. We have to have our own way of life instead of following the western way blindly and we should establish trade links with non western countries. The independence is a process as western Christian colonialism is a process changing its ugly white face continuously and full independence would be won only after we become independent of the knowledge created in the Judaic Christian culture. (concluded)