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Thursday 28 March 2013

Independence is a process –IV

Western Christian colonialism has not ended. It has changed its face but after more than five hundred years it has been able to oppress the non Christians including the Catholics through various means including giving limited political independence to the colonial countries. The Catholic Chinthanaya has been defeated politically, economically and culturally. The Theravada Chinthanaya that can offer a different way of life resists the Greek Judaic Christian Chinthanaya culturally and politically to some extent is under attack by the western Christian colonialism especially in the cultural component. India and China though called economic giants of the twenty first century are only following the western Christian colonialism economically and cannot offer a different scheme to the world.

The instruments used by western Christian colonialism have changed over the years. The western military forces are now not used except against Muslim Chinthanaya and in few African countries which are still finding their way out. Even in these countries one finds western Christian colonialism using military forces against Muslim Chinthanaya. Until recently western Christian colonialism used military forces against the Sinhala Buddhist Chinthanaya in Sri Lanka indirectly through Tamil terrorism. However, the Sinhala Buddhist Chinthanaya was able to defeat Tamil terrorism and hence the military forces of western Christian Chinthanaya indirectly against all the expectations of the western Christian colonialism. The Government of Sri Lanka instead of answering bogus reports by Channel Four, Navi Pillai and her band of human rights vendors, the united nations and its subsidiaries should appoint a commission to inquire into the funds, support, sponsorship etc., given to Tamil terrorists by the western countries directly and indirectly through the NGOs, the Church and UN and its subsidiaries. It is necessary that the committee represents the Sanga, Veda, Guru, Govi, Ranawiru balawegya and not the elite schools nor the central schools that were mere imitators of the elite schools. The members of the committee should be as far as possible from outside the professions of lawyers, western doctors, university lecturers, civil administrators specially in the private sector, as they are invariably products of the alien education system forced on us by the English and other western Christian colonialists.

Education, media and so called information technology are the main instruments used by western Christian colonialism to suppress the others in the twenty first century. In the western countries there is no freedom of knowledge or of media as there is no second opinion given at any time. It is always what the western Christian colonialism decides that is given to the public. The so called alternative view is only another version of the view of the western Christian Colonialism and people have no choice in this matter. In the USA creationism is allowed to be taught in schools in certain states but Darwinian evolution and creationism are nothing but twin systems that try to give an answer to the question how the world (universe) was created and then evolved. With all the recognition given to Dalai Lama by the western Christian colonialism would USA allow an evolution of the universe according to Agganna Sutta to be taught as an official version in their schools?

What is the culture spread through the facebook and other such modalities using information technology? Most of the people who use information technology are trained by the western Christian colonialism and the few “bloggers” who present an alternative culture are only an insignificant minority with no impact on the outcome. As we have already said the NGOs are the missionaries of the second half of the twentieth century and the first half of the twenty first century and in Sri Lanka one should not be surprised to find in the NGOs, Christian (they may call themselves atheists now but were born into Christian families and are not familiar with the Sinhala Buddhist culture though they pretend to have some knowledge citing Kalama Sutta etc., out of context) representation much more than their demographic representation. In Sri Lanka, the NGO s are funded by western states and private organizations for the purpose of propagating western Christian ideology against Sinhala Buddhist culture.

Their favorite hobby is Sinhala Buddhist bashing and promoting Christian culture. The recent Halal controversy is a case in point. The Halal controversy is around making even non Muslims to consume Halal products compulsorily. If all the products by a producer is Halal certified then the non Muslims are also forced to buy them whether they like it or not. I am surprised to find that the Christians, Catholics and Hindus are prepared to buy Halal products probably in the interests of national harmony. It is only the Buddhists who have come out against forcing them to consume Halal products and the usual NGO bandwagon dominated by Christian “intellectuals” are already at war with the Sinhala Buddhist “Chauvinists”. Why can’t these people consider the “human rights” of the Sinhala Buddhists, unless they do not have human rights as defined by the western intellectuals and their imitators here, and support them in their agitation against making them to consume Halal products compulsorily? The Sinhala Buddhists have no objection to the Muslims consuming Halal products or the Christians, Catholics and Hindus consuming Halal products in the name of national harmony. However, the Sinhala Buddhists would like to see the French, Australians and others in the western world allowing the Muslim ladies to wear what they want and respect their “human rights” in their countries. With funds supplied it is easy to bash the Sinhala Buddhists without realizing that the Buddhists are not interfering with the right of the Muslims to consume Halal products. It is up to the Ulamas’ organization to discuss with the producers and have about 10% of the products prepared according to Halal methodology so that the rest of the products would be marketed without the Halal certificate. The government should not get involved in issuing Halal certificates as it is not a governmental food policy. However, the government should make sure that the Buddhists are given the freedom to consume non Halal products as they wish.

The human rights are another weapon used by the western Christian colonialism to suppress the non Christians. It is only a weapon in the hands of the western Christian modernity as they have no regard for human rights of anybody. The way the blacks are treated in the prisons and the camps in USA and other western countries is well known and it is only typical western hypocrisy to talk of human rights. As we said in the previous installment, the Geneva conference on human rights is nothing but a get together of western Christian colonialists to bash the others and in this epoch of western Christian colonialism which is dominated by the cultural component, the media such as Channel four and human rights vendors who are lavishly remunerated for the services rendered to western Christian colonialism have a field day. It is unfortunate our media give wide and wild publicity to these Pillais and others when the other countries do not consider this get together as a worthy event to report on. Israel does not even attend these get togethers and we should have sent only a delegation of officials to meet Pillai and company who are after all glorified labourers of the UN who work for a salary. In essence they are coolies and why should we send a high powered delegation to meet these paid labourers? The Sri Lankan media should ignore these coolies and let them produce mega teledrama on violation of human rights of the innocent Tamils in installments for the get togethers of these paid labourers of western Christian colonialism. A prize of thousand rupees is offered by the Chinthana Parshadaya for the person who correctly forecast the theme of the next installment by channel four on human rights violation by the Sinhala Buddhists. As Chinthana Parshadaya is not financed by any outside organization it is regretted that we find it difficult to increase the prize money.