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Saturday 14 January 2023

වවුල් ගහක් නොව පවුල් ගහක්


Quora සඟරාවෙන්

"On the left is the legendary physicist Niels Bohr who received the Nobel Prize in 1922 for his groundbreaking research on the electron shell and quantized energy level.
Right next to him, Aage Bohr was drawing numbers on the board, who later won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1975.
From 1946, father and son were simultaneously doing research at the Niels Bohr Institute.
The little child in the picture who is quietly coming forward and calculating with his grandfather and father is Thomas Bohr, another legendary physicist of this generation.
He is a professor at the Technical University of Denmark and his research on macroscopic fluid dynamic systems has recently shown a new direction."